Hollywood Life magazine – formerly known as Movieline – will announce some big web news next week. Inside word is that the glossy mag will partner with one of the big portals to provide exclusive entertainment content. AOL, Yahoo, Google, perhaps? Oh, and Movieline.com will be resurrected.

That’s probably why there were very few TV crews inside the mag’s annual Young Hollywood Awards, held at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre in Hollywood last night.  And why their younger generation of talent – Hilary Duff, Luke Wilson, Jessica Alba, Shia LaBeouf, Ludacris, Dane Cook, Dakota Fanning and Katharine McPhee, were shuffled off the red carpet and into a special Green Room for exclusive video interviews/photos and footage that will no doubt appear on the site.

And it’s probably why there are 12 different photo galleries already up on WireImage.com detailing every aspect of last night’s event; from red carpet arrivals, cocktails and portraits to the swag (sorry, gifting) suite, backstage/audience, show and after-party photos. What, no shots of celebs at the valet or stars getting into limos? Audi, one of the night’s sponsors, totally missed a marketing bonanza. One panty-less star? Auto branding history.

Here’s one moment from last night that probably won’t make the new web venture: After flamboyant Hollywood Life publisher Anne Volach‘s notoriously lengthy opening pontification, host Justin Long – best known as the Mac kid on TV commercials – stepped up to the podium, sniffed the air and whispered to the predominately pubescent audience, “She smells like formaldehyde….”

Hey, here’s a thought: How about Justin Long as an Oscar host? He might draw millions of younger viewers and get rid of that funeral home odor in the Kodak Theatre.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead