betty white middle 320 'SNL': Betty White joined by Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon and ... Jay ZBetty White and Jay-Z … together again?

Well, for the first time, anyway. The rapper and entrepreneur will be the musical guest for former “Golden Girl” White’s much-anticipated stint as guest host of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” May 8.

“Well, that’ll be interesting!,” White tells Zap2it. “It’ll be great fun.” But as for whether she’ll pick up yet another brigade of fans among the Jay-Z faithful. she says, “I have no idea.”

With beloved six-time Emmy-winner White on board — plus what she reports as the return of several female cast members including Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Molly Shannon — “SNL” could have gone in any number of directions in booking a corresponding musical act.

However, White claims she had no thoughts about that before learning it would be Jay-Z.

“I really didn’t, in all honesty. I was just so thrilled when I heard that Tina and the girls were going to do it, I have tried not to have anything to say [on the creative end]. It’s their show.

“All I have is veto power. If anything comes up that I don’t feel comfortable doing, I can say, ‘Can we go in another direction?’ They know what they’re doing far better than I do, so I didn’t even get into the musical end of it.”

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Betty White on ‘SNL’: What you won’t see

Posted by:Jay Bobbin