Sethmeyers_snl_240Seth Meyers did a perfectly fine job as the new co-anchor of "Weekend Update" on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live last night. But he was upstaged by NBC’s serious-news anchor, Brian Williams.

In one of the best bits of the night, the show came back from commercial with Amy Poehler sitting at the "Update" desk, preparing for the fake newscast. In walks Williams, gushing about how excited he was to be taking the seat next to Poehler and the "ton of material" he had prepared for his debut broadcast.

"Did you get my messages?" Poehler asked. "Oh, Brian, um, we decided to go in another direction."

Of the current network-news anchors, Williams seems to have the best sense of humor about himself, and he sold his disappointment at the "Update" rejection quite well: "I’m gonna head home. I’ve got a wife and two kids, and someone has to tell them that Daddy’s not gonna be on TV tonight."

As for the newscast itself, Meyers and Poehler seemed comfortable together, though they didn’t interact a whole lot. Meyers a couple of times was on the verge of breaking up at his own joke; he might want to work on that a little. The rhythm of both anchors’ delivery was pretty much unchanged from the Poehler-Tina Fey regime of the past few seasons.

Overall, it was a typical SNL mixed bag. The "Chavez Political Roundup" was pretty funny, as was "Al Pacino Checks His Bank Balance." The Homeland Security sketch with host Dane Cook and six cast members and the show-opening piece with President Bush, not so much.

And you? What’d you think of the season premiere?

Posted by:Rick Porter