One of the funniest videos SNL has done in this year aired this weekend. 
It’s a send up of Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the infamous White House State Dinner gatecrashers. 

]]>President Barack Obama is giving a speech and gosh, look who sneaks onstage with him? Michaele and Tareq dressed like they were the night they allegedly snuck into the State Dinner.

They pose and giggle behind Obama, who tries to ignore them. They take photos. Lots of photos. 
Secret Service dudes come up and check on their identity and then let them stay. Finally, they’re moved off stage but come back with moustache disguises. 
The Secret Service takes photos of them, with them and then Vice President Joe Biden arrives and does the same, hamming it up for the photos.
Finally, they ask Obama to take a shot of the Secret Service, Biden and Michaele and Tariq. Only it’s not great so they ask him to take another shot and he does.
Frankly. the Secret Service comes off as lamer than the Salahis. Which is appropriate.
This opener just saved SNL from being cut from our Tivo list. How about yours?