josh hutcherson snl turkey 'SNL': Josh Hutcherson has 'Hunger Games' jokes and a sweet mullet

“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” star Josh Hutcherson rolled into “Saturday Night Live” ready to play and it made for a pretty fun episode of the show. He also came prepared to wear a never-ending line of wigs, short, shaggy, blonde, brunette. No hair was off limits.
The “SNL” writers wisely got all of the “Hunger Games” jokes out of the way in the monologue, as Kate McKinnon did her best Effie Trinket and reaped two cast members into a fight to the death. Cecily Strong killed Bobby Moynihan with an arrow, then gave Hutcherson a piggyback ride, because he’s easily injured and needs to be carried around, just like Peeta.
The sketches weren’t all great, like the adult in a baby’s body, but there was plenty of funny to be found. Definite highlights included Hutcherson as Lil Peanut in a short documentary about the worst subway performers ever and “SNL’s” amazing tribute to the 80s. Imagine the actor in an amazing mullet wig, lip-syncing to “Your Love” by The Outfield.
He was also pretty good as the male nurse at a veterinarian who keeps telling people their animals are dead, regardless of how true it is. Simple concept sure, but the execution was very funny. Oh yeah, he made out with a turkey too.
Throw in a couple stellar performances from Haim, and you’ve got yourself an entertaining episode of “SNL.” What did you think?
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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