When Miley Cyrus came on board to host “Saturday Night Live” (with musical guest “The Strokes”) we weren’t sure how much of her recent scandals she’d actually address. Turns out she’s comfortable making bong jokes, but when it comes to the comments her father Billy Ray made about her to GQ Magazine, not so much. 

If anything, though, the “SNL” appearance went a long way in rehabilitating Miley’s image. Her “downward spiral” can’t be too bad if she’s able to turn out a well-executed live show, right? And it was well-executed. Miley did some surprisingly good impressions of Lindsay Lohan, Fergie, and Justin Bieber. Most of her skits involved singing, and she wasn’t afraid to look a little silly — which is key in a “SNL” host.

Cold Open: Charlie Sheen Show
Best to get the inevitable Charlie Sheen impression out of the way right off the bat. Bill Hader’s isn’t quite as good as Jimmy Fallon’s, but we’ll take it. Charlie invited some “winners” to join him – like Christina Aguilera, John Galliano, and Lindsay Lohan (Miley). We loved Miley’s Lindsay impression. 
snl miley 2 'SNL': Miley Cyrus' Justin Bieber impression and Charlie Sheen jokes galore
Miley’s Monologue
In her monologue, Miley took the opportunity to address all those pesky little issues — of course, she also makes sure to note that she’s never been arrested. “My scandals are more like, ‘Miley and some girl were chewing on the same twizzler and now there are pictures on the internet.'” And then, not for the last time in the show, she burst into a song. “I never stole a necklace, or got a DUI, never cheated on my wife like that golfer guy, so what – you can see a little boob from the side, I’m sorry that I’m not perfect.”

Fake Ad: Baby Spanx
It’s pretty much what it sounds like. “Do you have a fat baby? Are you ashamed of it? Everyone loves babies, but sometimes, there’s just too much to love.”

Our Time With Taboo and Apl.De.Ap

Andy Samberg and Kenan Thompson play Taboo and Apl.De.Ap, the hidden members of the Black Eyed Peas. Their show gives the background players a chance to shine — like Khloe Kardashian. The skit ripped on Kardashian so much that her Twitter fans got upset, but she calmed them down. “For those of you who aren’t aware SNL is a comedy show… They make fun of people! LOL I mean wake up… Man oh man you guys are cray.”

snl miley 4 'SNL': Miley Cyrus' Justin Bieber impression and Charlie Sheen jokes galore
TCM: The Sound of Music
Some footage from the cutting room floor, of the lost Von Trapp, Ricardo, a stand-up comic. The recycled material was funny at first, but it got old way too fast. 

snl miley 5 'SNL': Miley Cyrus' Justin Bieber impression and Charlie Sheen jokes galore
Miley and Raven’s School for Acting
How great is it that Miley had to wear a wig to play herself? In Miley and Raven’s Disney acting school, they share all the Disney star secrets, like the pause then dis, eating then freezing, reacting to stinky feet, spying in a doorway, and entering on a scooter. They suggest wearing loud clothes to auditions, because the Disney Channel is all about sensory overload.

The Miley Cyrus Show – Pretty Cool

It’s time for the most highly anticipated skit of the night! Vanessa Bayer does her Miley Cyrus impression while Miley herself plays Justin Bieber! Bieb does his signature “wink, cocky nod, point” moves, all courtesy of his swagger coach, of course. We particularly loved when Bayer tried to get Cyrus to drop the signature “pretty cool” line. “It’s like a Mexican Stand-Off if the Mexicans were tiny talented geniuses!”

The Strokes’ first performance was “Under Cover of Darkness.”

snl miley 7 'SNL': Miley Cyrus' Justin Bieber impression and Charlie Sheen jokes galore
Weekend Update
Time for more Charlie Sheen jokes! “Winner: Denise Richards. She walked out of a bad movie nice and early and the rest of us are still sitting here watching it. She’s like someone who sold her house in 2007.” Our favorite was Seth Meyers’ John Galliano joke. “If you’ve ever been threatened with a chair, you know the occasional ‘I love Hitler’ just slips out.”

snl miley 8 'SNL': Miley Cyrus' Justin Bieber impression and Charlie Sheen jokes galore
French TV: Les Jeunes de Paris
Um, we guess this sketch made fun of French TV? Or French people in general? Or Monks? Like we said, Miley wasn’t afraid to look a little silly. Or really very extremely silly.

Rockabilly Lady Party
Another disappointingly unfunny sketch. Why do they stick all the bad ones at the end? Miley and Kristen Wiig play 80s ladies selling a instrumental hillbilly rock CD with a moisturizing face creme. Not sold separately.

The Strokes sing “Life Is Simple in the Moonlight” next.

Gurney month on CBS
We have to admit, we laughed at the CBS ad. It was well-timed with the collapse of “Two and a Half Men.” “Right now we’ve got more programs that begin with a body bag than any other network! All of March is gurney month. We had one show that wasn’t about gurneys, but that’s gone.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie