arcade fire special tina fey snl nbc 'SNL' premiere extends for Arcade Fire special full of surreal moments and celebrity cameosAt the close of Saturday’s (Sept. 28) season premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” host Tina Fey offered the perfunctory closing required of each host, but she offered a cryptic message, revealing that NBC was letting the show run late for a special with the week’s musical guest, Arcade Fire. “Things are gonna get weird,” she promised.

And she wasn’t wrong. If your DVR cut off after that moment, here’s what you missed: Frontman Win Butler led a bizarre coterie of costumed characters through Studio 8H, up a flight of stairs and into a dreamscape where the band performed for thirty minutes.

There were giant papier-mâché heads, alternate versions of the band and celebrity cameos. Oh, the celebrity cameos! Within the first thirty seconds, Butler walked passed James Franco gabbing on a pay phone (of course Franco would be involved in this hipster nonsense). After that, Ben Stiller and Bono were revealed to be under two of the giant heads, Michael Cera was an Arcade Fire-hating bartender (who only spoke in Spanish), Bill Hader and Zach Galifianakis were themselves (only they’d now become astronauts up in space) and Rainn Wilson suffered abuse as a dedicated roadie.

The music was dreamy, the experience was insane. Whoever thought this thing up ought to be given a drug test, pronto.

Did you happen to catch Arcade Fire’s late-night special?

Posted by:Billy Nilles