The April 17 episode of “Saturday Night Live” parodied the Shake Weight infomercial-gone-viral. Bill Hader appeared as a spokesperson in an advertisement selling a DVD of the Shake Weight advertisement so that men can watch it whenever they want – whether during, uh, private time, or just to prove to their friends that it really exists.

Why would anyone want a DVD of a commercial? If you watch the original clip above, it should become relatively clear. The unintentionally suggestive advertisement has gone viral for all the obvious reasons. It promises that the $20 weight “designed just for women” will give you “visible results just 6 minutes a day.”

From here on out, every infomercial should be viewed by a test panel made up only of immature teenage boys before it’s ever aired. It’d prevent incidents like this one… and that Slap-Chop “You’re gonna love my nuts!” spot probably would’ve undergone some revision as well.

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Photo credit: NBC

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie