snl rudolph 'SNL': Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph deliver hilarious birthing class skit“Saturday Night Live” alums Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph — who both happen to be pregnant — produced one of Saturday’s (May 7) better sketches which was, of course, about pregnancy. Hey, write what ya know.

Here’s the set-up: Fey is among attendees at a natural birth class. The instructor pops in what appears to be a dated documentary: “Quinoa Films Presents Woman Whole: The Sensual Miracle of Childbirth.”

Anyone familiar with the Bradley method of natural childbirth — especially the  ’70’s-era borderline porn book “Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way” — will get a massive kick out of Rudolph’s earth mother who gives birth in a Yurt, is so in tune with her body she is practically moved to ecstasy by labor and, well, let’s just say she doesn’t shave.

Also standouts in the sketch: Bill Hader as Rudolph’s baby daddy and Kristin Wiig as a another sister of the earth who simultaneously delivers her baby in harmony with Rudolph.

P.S. If yet had children or lived in Portland, Ore., it’s possible this sketch may put you off both.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson