snooki glasses bow Snooki pregnant?! Yes, according to a new report [Updated]UPDATE 12:00 p.m.: You can breathe a sigh of relief, because Snooki’s rep is telling E! News that the story is, in fact, false. So the Mayans weren’t right after all!

EARLIER: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s 2012 and the apocalypse is upon us — at least that’s the way we’re feeling after learning that Snooki, that tanned meatball of drunkenness and big hair, is pregnant. Maybe.

We’re not getting ahead of ourselves, considering the report comes from Star Magazine (which doesn’t always bat 1000 on the accuracy scale), but there is a distinct possibility that the woman also known as Nicole Polizzi is with child.
“She is pregnant and has only told her closest friends and some family,” a source tells Star. Snooki’s been dating her boyfriend, Jionni, for more than a year.
Aside from the source (who proves that Snooki should maybe re-examine who her closest friends and family are, considering one of them would’ve leaked this story), there’s some other proof that the “Jersey Shore” star could be knocked up.
The 24-year-old wrote on her Facebook Jan. 25, “I feel sick,” and later added, “Late night craving…yogurt hits the fricken spot!”
We’ll know the truth soon enough, because the source says “She’s been telling people that she has a big announcement coming.”
If this, coupled with the news that Hoboken won’t allow Snooks and J-Woww to film their spinoff in the New Jersey town, worries that maybe this is the last we’ll see of Snooki, fear not. The spinoff is still going to happen, it’ll just look a little different than initially envisioned.
“They are having to redo
the creative direction of her spin-off because of her pregnancy,” the source says.
Posted by:Jean Bentley