snooki ugly radio host Snooki responds to radio anchor who called her 'ugly'

When Colorado Morning News host Steffan Tubbs called Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi “f***ing ugly” on air after her “Dancing With the Stars” elimination, the former “Jersey Shore” star made sure to let the world know she heard his cruel words.

“No hard feelings Steffan Tubbs..i am ‘f*cking ugly’ :(,” she tweets.

According to reports, Tubbs thought his radio microphone had turned off when he said the comment about Snooki. While she easily could have sent back an equally cruel reply, the fact that Snooki instead opted to show how hurt she was by his comment shows that motherhood and her post-“Jersey Shore” life might have helped her mature a bit.

Though Tubbs has been flippant about the situation on Twitter, his radio station already issued an apology on his behalf. “We are aware of a recent inappropriate comment that was made on-air by Steffan Tubbs,” Newsradio 850KOA posts on its Facebook. “While Steffan made the comment in what he thought was a private conversation, it was still thoughtless and insensitive and we apologize to anyone whom it offended. We take matters of this nature very seriously and we will take appropriate disciplinary action.”

Tubbs returned to the air on Oct. 30.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz