nicole-Snooki-MTV-Jersey-Shore-Intro-320.jpgNow that “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki has been fired from her job as a receptionist, she’s going to need to pay the bills somehow. Maybe she can follow in the footsteps of other MTV reality stars. Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port have fashion lines, why can’t Snooki?

(Oh, and busted “trash bag” models need not apply for Snooki’s runway show either).

Here’s what we could expect if Snooki became a fashion designer:

nicole-snooki-animal-print-MTV-Jersey-Shore-250.jpgNever enough animal print

Perfect for meeting your guido’s parents for the first time or throw it on for that important job interview! Let them know you’re the queen of the Jersey jungle.

vinnie-nicole-Jersey-Shore-MTV-beach-250.jpgBody-unconscious swimwear

Throw that one piece out, pear-shaped guidettes! Snooki is all about positive body image. Strut what yo’ momma gave you. Belly button ring not included.

Snooki-Nicole-MTV-Jersey-Shore-Shots-400.jpgVodka-proof is Black

Don’t you hate it when you’re downing twenty shots and they spill all over you? Snooki has your back with black fitted tops (with a pop of color). They don’t show the stain and the stretchy fabric won’t slow you down when you’re reaching for another. You can drink those guidos under the table, yet look like you’ve only just started.

Mike-Situation-Nicole-Snooki-mtv-jersey-shore-hats-400.jpgJacuzzi-safe hair

Scared to be seen without a killer “hair poof”? Snooki knows that sometimes a girl can’t get to her bumpits. In those occasions, throw on one of Snooki’s signature trucker hats. They’re water and hook-up proof!


All Snook’s looks accentuate a guidette’s assets: her formidable rack. Guidos know what they want and Snooki wants to make sure they can window shop. Even your “moms” would approve.

Snooki makes looking “Shore-chic” so easy! What’s your fave “Snook look”?

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