Outspoken rapper Snoop Doog (excuse me, Snoop Lion) sat down with Larry King for an interview on Hulu’s “Larry King Now,” telling the legendary talk show host that, when it comes to the marriage equality, he’s in favor of it.

“I’m in favor of life in general,” Snoop says. “I have no control over what people think or feel, you know? Do what makes you happy.”

When King asked whether he believed we’d ever see an openly gay rapper, Snoop told him we already have. “I believe there are some gay rappers, they just [haven’t] come out the closet.”

As for whether a gay rapper would be accepted, the “Ashtrays & Heartbreaks” artist believes that it may take some time, but even rap culture will come around to embrace an out-of-the-closet artist.

“Well, Frank Ocean came out as an R&B singer and he was big, he was on the incline. And a lot of people accepted him and appreciated for being a stand-up guy to say that he was,” Snoop explains. “But I believe rapping is a little bit different because it comes from a culture where that’s not accepted. But as time moves on, everybody accepts everybody and I feel like there will be an acceptance of it — It’s just a matter of who will be the first one to come out of the closet to say that they are.”

King covered a range of topics with the iconic rap star, from his drug use to gun control in America. On that last subject, Snoop became quite passionate. “When that last scenario happened with those kids in Connecticut, that was the worst. When you have innocent kids that have nothing to do with anything and [they’re] being shot upon, that should let everybody know it’s time to take a stand. We don’t have a problem with people having guns, but we have a problem with the wrong people having guns.”

Snoop’s full interview with King on “Larry King Now” is available on Hulu.

Posted by:Billy Nilles