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Life is good in the hood for Snoop Dogg these days, as the pioneering rap legend continues to reign supreme in the hip hop game. Now he’s taking his brand to the next level by partnering with NAMCO/BANDAI for the next edition of “Tekken,” and starring in an soon-to-be released DVD project with rising superstar Wiz Khalifa.
Snoop tells Zap2It that the secret to building such a successful empire comes not only from luck and hard work, but a little kindness too.
“It’s not, like, a handbook,” Snoop explains at a screening for his film on Monday (June 11). “I believe a lot of it has to do with luck, timing and preparation. You have to prepare yourself to be what you want to be, and then you gotta be lucky and the timing has to be impeccable.”
And if the momentum happens to be off, says Snoop, a little clever thinking can fill the space between.
“For me, sometimes it’s been halfway right, and I make it all the way right by doing something dynamic, something fun, or something that makes people smile,” he says. “Because it’s about, you know, being loving and caring, that’s what I’ve always been about. So, you can have a little bit of that, and make the situation better for yourself.”
For his new project with Wiz, a comedy feature titled “Mac & Devin Go to High School,” available at retail outlets July 3, Snoop plays an underachieving high school student who’s been trying to graduate for the past 15 years.
“My character is suave and he’s a ladies man,” describes the hip hop star. “He’s smart, but he never pushed himself to the limit, and I felt like I was the same way in school. I coulda been an honor roll student but I never pushed myself; I was just trying to get by. To me, this character is all about getting by until he finds a reason to want to get to the next level.”
Yet, as one of the most iconic talents in music, Snoop certainly found his way to the top, and it’s pretty sweet looking down from the sky.
The best thing about being the D-O-G-G?
“The free s*** that I get,” comments the rapper, noting the best gift of all as, “a free car for my son on his 18th birthday, so I didn’t have to buy him one.” 
A Mustang 5.0, to be specific. 
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