snoop dogg.jpgIt was inevitable. No. 1 weed fan Snoop Dogg has taken on a new name — Snoop Lion — and released a reggae single which is just a sneak peek at an entire Jamaican-flavored album from the rapper, real name Calvin Broadus.

On “La La La,” produced by Major Lazer, Snoop borrows heavily from old school rock steady — the song is set to the tune of Ken Boothe and Stranger Cole’s circa 1960’s song “Artie Bella.”

In the song, Snoop gives props to “rastafari” and “respect,” and sings in a passable Jamaican patois that points out that “dem a” do this and “dem a” do that. And because this is a legit enterprise, Snoop has also launched a new Twitter handle — @snoop_lion — and Facebook page dedicated to his latest endeavors.

On Twitter, Snoop Lion introduces the track writing, “the world needs more love right now. wisdom. guidance. protection.”

Jah. Just don’t forget about the gin and juice. The world needs more of that, too.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson