snoop-dogg-snoop-lion-reggae-reincarnated.jpgSnoop Dogg apparently wasn’t getting enough for his new persona, Snoop Lion the reggae Rastafarian, because on Monday (July 30), he held a news conference to talk about the name change and his new reggae album — news which has been out there for weeks.

Snoop — real name Calvin Broadus — talked about the 35 days he spent in Jamaica and his spiritual awakening. Apparently while visiting the Caribbean nation, he popped into a Rasta temple and was given the new Rasta-referencing name and the Ethiopian name Berhane (“light of the world”).

The new music is a far cry from rap in both sound and spirit. One song called “No Guns Allowed” sends a message of peace and tolerance.

“It’s so tragic that people are doing stupid things with guns,” he said at the news conference.

Snoop plans to follow up his new reggae album — “Reincarnated” — with a documentary of the same name and a coffee table book about his rebirth.


Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson