snow white stewart universal 'Snow White and the Huntsman 2': Sequel may see a dark side to Snow WhiteKristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth seem to have found themselves in another franchise! Considering the opening weekend box office success of “Snow White and the Huntsman,” it’s no surprise that Universal has given a green light to a sequel.

Scribe David Koepp is already writing No. 2, according to Deadline, and Rupert Sanders is meeting with Universal about returning to direct the next installment.

So what will the new film be about? Sanders tells MTV that now that Snow White has been made queen, the purity and innocence that made her valuable in the first film could be compromised. “I think the corruption of power would be the second one,” he says. “I think
we’ve created this very chaste girl who’s got to this position and now
she’s in this position of supreme power.”

He goes even further into just how corrupt she might go. “There’s so many examples of people corrupted by power. When we
were talking about it, myself and [producer] Joe Roth, there were so
many things happening in the newspapers of these very powerful men
abusing that power in hotels and sports locker rooms. People who get
powerful sometimes lose their bearings and abuse that power and that’s
kind of an intoxicating theme.”

One person who isn’t particularly psyched about a potentially corrupt Snow White? Stewart herself. “Well, I’m not saying anything. Nothing at all,” she laughed.
“Let’s undermine our entire lead character in the very second [film].”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie