justin beiber shirtless instagram grammy awards Snubbed Justin Bieber posts shirtless pics to distract you from the GrammysJustin Bieber isn’t exactly subtle in his disdain for the 55th annual Grammy Awards snubbing his latest album, “Believe.” On Sunday night, while the Grammys aired on CBS, Bieber — fresh of a surprisingly successful “Saturday Night Live” appearance — decided to do a live-stream video for his fans.

You know, so they’d be too busy fangirling to bother tuning in to the Grammy Awards.

Unfortunately, the livestream failed, so Bieber decided to upload a video of himself playing new music instead. When that didn’t work, either, it appears that he went with Plan C: Distract the children with shirtlessness.

Yes, as his video upload speed slowed to a crawl, Bieber expressed his frustration via half-naked selfie, showing off the tattoos on his clavicle and his bling.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie