So, let me get this straight.

This week, Mark Vincent Kaplan, KFed’s lawyer, questioned Sam Lutfi, Britney’s right hand schmo-boy,  about an alleged  deal with the paparazzi photo agency X17. Here’s MORE on the questioning. And here’s what Kaplan had to say about the questioning, which will continue. Oh, and X17 denies it.

If this allegation can be proven to be true, it may mean that all those wild-goose-chase joy rides (stopping at various gas stations, going from hotel to hotel all over town) were designed to give the paps opportunities to photograph the Popped Princess.

Maybe she’s not "addicted" to pap pics but considers these photos as a source of income. It might also explain why she was spending nights with pap photog Adnan Ghalib. Talk about fraternizing with the enemy. Check out THIS VIDEO of her recent interaction and hear her say of Heath Ledger, "He’s still here. No one ever really dies." In a British accent.

It would also explain how she sometimes manages to escape unnoticed, like when she and Adnan snuck out for a Palm Springs getaway. Perhaps that’s because the paps are not alerted to her planned outing?

If it’s true, I wonder if Brit gets a percentage of the photo sales or a lump sum payout. 

That would prove she’s crazy, alright. Crazy like a fox.

But perhaps she has no clue about any photo deal and is just the victim of people taking advantage of her fame and profiting off her current unbalanced mental situation. Click HERE to read  about Lutfi’s  past, which includes two restraining orders!  Two?

What do you think? Is Britney being used? Is she knowingly in cahoots with the paps? Is Lutfi gaslighting her? Post your opinion!

Photo credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead