Deschanel_boreanazBones” has passionate fans. Clearly. Yesterday when I dropped the bomb that, because of President Obama’s Tuesday speech, FOX may push this season’s “Bones” finale to next fall (in order to accomodate “American Idol“), the reader response in the story’s comment section was swift and strong. And several of you suggested different programming strategies which, if implemented, would avoid postponing anything till September. Allow me to highlight some of your feelings as well as a few of your ideas. Think one in particular stands out as the best course of action?

Honestly? FOX, are you serious? I mean, I even watch American Idol but PLEASE do not let it screw over Bones AGAIN this season. We’ve already had two different weeks without it because of Idol. Suck it up and realize that results shows do NOT need to be a freaking hour. Move Idol. Postpone Idol. Whatever. I don’t understand why all the other shows had to move around Idol’s schedule, just because it’s live. I think you can let the reality show conform to Bones’ schedule for ONE week to give us diehard Bones fans the finale we’ve been waiting for since season 1. -Steph

Is this the way the new FOX management team treats an established show with a very loyal fan base? Good thing I have a DVR that can find the episodes since FOX can’t seem to come up with a consistent schedule. How about ALL the shows sharing the pre emptions? I am getting sick of Obama too, I don’t need him to tell me the same thing every week. -dovepage

I can’t understand why they must have two reruns of “House” but totally no new “Bones” episode? And they can’t seriously mean to bump the finale to the beginning of next season?

Fox told “Bones” viewers after constantly moving the show around and preempting it constantly that we’d have 11 new episodes to finish out. If they are smart and don’t want to lose the goodwill of the fans (who have already been tested) they need to honor that. –Laura W.

That’s asinine. I’m sure they could figure out a way to keep idol from taking away another hour from Bones. Hey, here’s an idea FOX – why not just bump ANOTHER show, other than Bones, for a night and put your beloved AI on in that show’s time slot instead.

Or hey, just make the finale on May 30th instead of May 23rd.

Is it really that hard to figure out a scenario where Bones will get a finale? I just figured out 2, and I’m sure there are a few more, so I think not.

Bones isn’t even on a night that AI is, yet it keeps getting pre-empted for it. *shakes head at FOX*

I knew when they were advertising 11 new episodes in a row that it was too good to be true and that they’d wind up messing it up somehow. -Tracie

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! COME ONN U cannot do this to us SERIOUS Bones Fans! Please, please PLEASE! I am soo freaking SICK of American Idol and how you put it infront of everything else. WE LOVE BONES! Please dont cut our EPISODES…find SOMEWHERE TO PLACE IT! I KNOW you can! -Pullin Out Hair 

Are you kidding me?! That’s absolutely ridiculous! Why not just air the season finale the next week? First we’re promised 11 episodes IN A ROW, and now we’re getting an interruption AND one less episode? Bones has many loyal viewers, and it’s infuriating that we are not respected. Fox will have a lot of angry fans if they do this. -Sam

Move Obama– his show could be reduced to 8 minutes. I need my time away from bloody reality! -Bob 

This is utterly disgusting! FOX knows by now what a powerhouse Bones is and to play games like this is insulting to all of the fans and the cast and crew of the show. They obviously work really hard to give us fans an amazing product and it is a slap in the face to these honest people.

I agree with those who said that Bones should be aired in one of the TWO RERUN episode slots that House is getting.

This show has been consistent in its performance despite FOX’s inconsistent treatment of it and if they would just treat it fairly, viewership would grow far beyond the usual 9.5 – 10 million regular viewers it has. It goes without saying that their ratings when normally shown have been PHENOMENAL compared to most shows right now.

In my opinion if they move the season finale to the season opener, Bones fans should band together and deliver and huge bucket of those lovely flesh eating beetles to every FOX head that was involved in this HUGELY MORONIC IDEA or maybe just a smack over their empty skulls with a femur! (A little harsh maybe….nah!) –Lindsay 

Fox must be run by a bunch of idiots. Didn’t vote for Obama and don’t want to hear any more of his garbage. The only worse garbage is Fox and their continuing lies about what they are going to do. I will never start watching another Fox show again. As for AI, I can see the results the next day on the Internet. The economy is in the tank and all I want is to be able to escape for an hour and my escape of choice is Bones. Last time I checked it’s legal and free. WHY DOES EVERY CHANNEL HAVE TO SHOW THE SAME SPEECH? WHY, WHY, WHY? –

This is crazy. American Idol is stupid enough to begin with! Some of us have been waiting almost an entire seson (and some from day 1) to see some Booth and Brennan bedroom action! I respect the president, but at this particular moment I am really hating him. Sorry Obama!


I have yet to figure out why every station must air the presidential speeches, seriously in this day and age. Fox should needs to get a clue, there are other shows that could be moved. Why cant they just air the finale one week later???? –Hettie

Talk about ridiculous. It’s not that hard. Really. Show 2 episodes of Bones the last week. Or add one more week at the regular day/time.

Show one episode online only, even! I’d be fine with that. A “bonus” ep online.

Anyway, there *are* alternatives to pushing the finale to next season. I hope they choose one, or they’ll be doing a serious disservice to their fans. –Lily

that is not a good idea. either show 2 hour finale like other shows are doing, put it somewhere else or not show the President’s address. he cuts into too many shows to be a talking head. there is no law saying every channel has to show the President. he shouldn’t be treated above anyone else. –xoxo 

It’s so ridiculous: what about putting Idol on monday when a House re-run was scheduled instead of preempting Bones and now possibly stealing us from a finale? –Maria

1) Really Obama? Really?

2) Really Fox? Really?

3) My plan for Fox to make money is simple. Charge American Idol commercial prices for next week’s Bones episode and intersperse the AI results at commercial breaks. You make money and we get the Bones episode. –Adam 

I’ve had to listen to enough political crap – everytime I turn on the news. Now I can’t even escape the depressing economy with my favorite tv show? Fox and Obama could bail ME out by leaving Bones alone!! –Jenn

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh