sytycd alexie 320x180 'So You Think You Can Dance': Alexie Agdeppa gets the bootSo far, the competition on “So You Think You Can Dance” has been OK.

The boys are clearly the favorites, while the girls (aside from Lauren) are on a more crowded level. 

Opening Performance: “Acapella” by Kelis
(Mixture of styles; choreographer: Tessandra Chavez; top 11)

The top 11 dancers open the top of the show dressed in white and gold attire. It’s so clear that the guys are outshining the girls, even during this performance. A highlight was when Jose was able to show a slick b-boy handstand. When it comes down to it, the routine was alright.

My predictions for the bottom three? Melinda, Ashley and Alexie. Let’s see if I’m right. Also, based on tonight’s elimination show, it seems the all-stars will be sitting in the audience for most (if not all) Thursdays.

Who’s Safe? Who’s Not?:

Alex – Safe (Duh.)
Robert – Safe
Lauren – Safe
Kent – Safe
Melinda – Bottom Three
Billy – Safe
Ashley – Safe
Alexie – Bottom Three
Jose – Safe
Adechike – Safe
Cristina – Bottom Three

It’s not that surprising that the bottom three turned out to be three girls. They’re not really the strongest bunch.

The Fillers:

1) “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra from Broadway’s “Come Fly Away”
(Performed by Karine Plantadit and Keith

Apparently this was the same routine performed on the Tony Awards. It was cool to watch, but a bit bummed they didn’t perform a different song or segment from “Come Fly Away.” All in all, it was nice to watch.

2) “OMG” by Usher

Yes, because apparently we need to hear this song again … and again.

3) World Premiere: “Somebody to Love” by Justin Bieber feat. Usher

Still don’t understand the Bieber phenomenon, but then again I’m not exactly in the demo. Nevertheless, catchy song, cool video. Good for you Bieber.

The Bottom Three:

1) “I Got the Feelin'” by James Brown
(Tap; “dance for your life” solo; Melinda)

Melinda is the first of the three to dance for her life and it must be weird to have to dance for your life as a tapper. She did alright; I actually liked the outfit and her routine matched the music.

2) “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” by Otis Redding
(Contemporary; “dance for your life” solo; Alexie)

Alexie’s next and I really expected her to show something a little more than just how great her smile is during her solo. (But maybe I expected a tad too much.) She doesn’t really show much other than that and that’s too bad since she won’t last very long with her bubbly personality.

3) “La Guarachera” by Celia Cruz & Tito Puente
(Salsa; “dance for your life” solo; Cristina)

I like that Cristina brings some spunk into her solo and I hope she stays because of that personality.

The Results:

Alexie is eliminated. Guess the judges didn’t see a long shelf life for her “bubbliness” since their decision to oust her was unanimous. Let’s not forget, the girl is 26, yet acts younger doesn’t she? I’m not heartbroken about it. On to next week!

First Impressions:

Decent first elimination show. Is it just me or does this season so far feel off-kilter? The way they eliminated Alexie was kind of out of the blue. As a viewer, I wasn’t expecting them to do it that way. That sucks.

What are your thoughts on Alexie being the first eliminated? Discuss below!

Posted by:Philiana Ng