" judges have decided who went home but in the final stretch it's up to the voters. Don't tick me off, America.

The group number, to "So Much Betta" by Janet Jackson, has a decidedly Asian theme to it. This has been a wonderfully internationally flavored week. Wade & Amanda Robson choreographed it.No surprise there.

I liked that it was a fusion of dance styles. I dug it.

After host Cat Deeley comes out, she introduces a we get a brief montage of the four Emmy nominated numbers from last season – Mia Michaels, Tyce D'Orio, Tabitha & Napoleon, and former contestant Dmitry Chaplin. The Make-Up Department was also nominated. Cat wasn't, which is one of the most egregious nomination crimes of the year.

The judges, who have nothing really to do tonight, are Mary Murphy and Debbie Allen. Nigel Lythgoe is absent because he's receiving an honorary degree in England. We get a full recap of last night's proceedings before we get into the results.

All the ladies are on stage after a commercial to hear their fates. Janette…is safe. Yay! Randi is the first to land in the Bottom Two. Jeanine is deservedly safe. She was really great last night. This leaves Kayla and Melissa. I'm thinking the latter is in trouble. And I'm right. Melissa joins Randi on the chopping block.

To pad at the show, we get another Cat-throwing-to-Cat-throwing-to-a-sneak-peak-of-next-season segment. Tonight's Season 6 spotlight is on an 18-year-old girl auditioning for the first time. Adam Shankman looked like he was in love.

Now for the guys' results. Jason is safe, which is no surprise and totally deserved. He lets out several primal yells of relief. Evan is safe, which proves he was keeping his partnership with Randi afloat. Kupono is in danger, which makes me sad but I'm not surprised. It's down to Brandon and Ade and…Ade is in the bottom. The reaction was really interesting because Brandon wanted to be all happy but he didn't want to be at the same time. At this point, I'd gladly get rid of both girls in exchange for keeping both guys.

A brief aside: I don't not like the "Harry Potter"-ish commercial for "Fame." It seems like a desperate attempt to cash in on another movies heat, something totally unnecessary since dance movies have been doing very well. "Fame" will be no exception. Now back to your regularly scheduled recap.

Our bottom four contestants will all get to perform solos, a last hurrah since they aren't dancing for the judges anymore. Randi and Kupono are the first two and they perform to the same songs as yesterday's solos, albeit with different costumes. I still really like Kupono's and I thought Randi did a better job tonight.

Melissa and Ade dance after the commercial break, also to the same music as last night but with different costumes. Debbie gives the great advice to Melissa saying if she makes it through, she needs to go to another level in her solos. I totally agree.

It's now time for the Black Eyed Peas to entertain us with their new single, "I Gotta Feeling." I simultaneously like and dislike this song. They have a bunch of freestyling back-up dancers who come flying in from all over the place. There's also confetti. Lots of confetti. Geez, they're touring with U2? I'd never think to put those two together. Ever.

After much balleyhoo, it's finally time to learn who'll be going home. First up, the ladies and it's Randi who'll be going home. She really is a great dancer, people just weren't connecting to her personality. At least she won't have to talk to her dog on the phone anymore.

The fewest vote-getter of the guys is…Kupono. After repeatedly flirting with elimination, it's finally caught up to him. He's taking it quite well – I'm pretty sure he expected it. I think he's awesome and I'm sad to see him go.

I'm not at all surprised by who got cut tonight – are you? Think you can predict the Top 4/winners now? Also, next week are the 99th & 100th episodes featuring all kinds of fancy stuff including the return of some past fabulous performances and dancers and Katie Holmes. That ought to be fun.

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Posted by:Tamara Brooks