ashley g sytycd 320x180 'So You Think You Can Dance': Another injured dancer gets eliminatedThis season of “So You Think You Can Dance” is shaping up to be a test of physical health. The title should be changed to “So You Think You Can Survive.” “Survivor” might even be a better fit!

Yesterday, we found out poor Ashley was injured, thus putting her in position to be eliminated should the prognosis not be good. And well, it was a case of bad luck and timing that ended one capable dancer’s dream of being crowned America’s favorite dancer.

After tonight’s elimination, it’s down to six.

Opening Performance: Top seven and all-stars, “Charleston from “Billon Dollar Baby”

Great to see the all-stars dancing with the competitors. Thee number makes you realize how guy-heavy the competition has become. I’m a huge Broadway fan so this performance was a top one for me. It was also good to see Dominic open the number.

My predictions for the bottom three? Ashley (because of her injury), Jose and man, Adechike? Robert? It’s a tough week to predict.

Who’s Safe? Who’s Not?:

Ashley – Bottom Three (injured)
Kent – Safe
Lauren – Safe
Billy – Bottom Three
Adechike – Safe
Robert – Safe
Jose – Bottom Three

Spotlighting the All-Stars:

Twitch and Comfort, “Forever” by Chris Brown

Fantastic performance. Never really liked Comfort, but hello “SYTYCD”ers, Twitch and Comfort are killer hip-hop dancers. Love.

The Fillers:

1) “Jailhouse Rock” Elvis Presley
(Performed by Fernando and Lauren)

If you didn’t see how young these dancers were, you’d think they were seasoned veterans, but they couldn’t be older than 16. (They’re 11 and 10 years old! Insanity!) Cute little routine! Fernando and Cat even arm wrestle and of course, the little guy wins.

2) “Gravity’s Angel” by Laurie Anderson
(Performed by Jamar Roberts and Rachel McClaren)

Crazy routine, but absolutely beautiful to look at. The lines were gorgeous. This is what happens when you get professionals on the show ..

3) “Jar of Hearts” by Chrstina Perry
(Performed by all-stars Neil and Allison)

Remember that Stacey Tookey routine with Billy and Kathryn those weeks ago? The singer of the song that was used is back. The all-stars’ interpretation is great accompaniment. A pretty good performance by the artist and the dancers (and the crowd seemed to love it too; it could also be Neil’s open shirt that propelled the cheers ..).

The Bottom Three:

1) Billy, “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King
(Contemporary; “dance for your life” solo)

Good solo. It goes without saying: Billy is an

2) Jose, “Chicken Bone Circuit” by RJD2
(B-boy; “dance for your life” solo)

Cool to see a b-boy solo finally after all these weeks. Jose was giving his all, and that should be rewarded by the judges.

3) Ashley, did not perform

I wonder why there wasn’t any real spotlight on Ashley this week.

The Results:

Ashley is gone! Wow. (Nigel spoke to Ashley’s doctor and was told she shouldn’t dance for the next three to five weeks.) I’m betting judges are really hoping they never implemented that new rule this season about injured dancers. Yikes.

What are your thoughts on Ashley’s elimination? Who should’ve been given the boot? Discuss below!

Posted by:Philiana Ng