sytycd judges stage 320x180 'So You Think You Can Dance': Another one bites the dustOne more capable dancer leaves “So You Think You Can Dance” and the field is left with nine.

Opening Performance: “Royal T” by Crookers feat. Roisin Murphy
(Jazz; choreographer: Sonya Tayeh; top 10)

Loving the weird routine by my new favorite choreographer. From the opening notes, you can tell it’s a Sonya Tayeh routine, complete with funky costumes, interesting choreography and unique music. It was great that the performance featured the girls and boys separately, showing the audience and viewers exactly why they’re still in the competition. A!

My predictions for the bottom three are Melinda, Cristina and maybe Adechike (or Jose), though I wouldn’t be shocked to see Robert there too.

Who’s Safe? Who’s Not?:

Kent – Safe
Adechike – Safe
Cristina – Bottom Three
Alex – Safe
Jose – Safe
Ashley – Safe
Melinda – Bottom Three
Lauren – Safe
Billy – Safe
Robert – Bottom Three

It doesn’t matter how talented the dancers are in the bottom three, but personality counts for a lot (if not more). It might be fair in a dancing competition, but that’s how it works on television.

The Fillers:

1) “Agnus Dei” by Eskimo
(Performed by Brian Gaynor and Remote Control)

You can’t help but applaud for the guy. One of the more memorable faces in the “SYTYCD” world, Brian and his crew perform his signature style. The moves are incredibly slick; I hope we see more of them in the future.

2) “Drummer Boy” by Debi Nova
(Performed with all-stars Mark, Ade, Neil, Lauren, Courtney and Comfort)

Doesn’t Costa Rican singer Debi Nova remind you a little bit of Shakira? It’s great to see the all-stars used in the special performances. I hope this continues for the rest of the season.

The Bottom Three:

1) “Quimbara” by Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco
(Salsa; “dance for your life” solo; Cristina)

It’s hard to dance a solo when you’re a salsa dancer but Cristina kills it for the second straight week.

2) “Heels” by Q-Tip
(Tap; “dance for your life” solo; Melinda)

Again, another difficult style to get across to the audience, but Melinda gives it her best, though tap definitely takes the crowd out of it a little.

3) “Everywhere I Go” by Lissie
(Contemporary; “dance for your life” solo; Robert)

Good solo, but it felt like he was just getting into it near the middle of it.

The Results:

Robert is saved. The judges decide to eliminate Cristina over Melinda. Really? Nigel tells Melinda that Mia and Adam wanted to keep her, while he wanted to let her go. Obviously, this meant Cristina was going home.

All six boys are still alive, while the girls are now down to three.

First Impressions:

With Cristina leaving, this means yet another all-star guy not dancing next week. Also, I’m not getting any sense of who these dancers are week to week. Yes, some have grown, but I’m not latching onto any dancers yet. Maybe next week will change that. We shall see.

What are your thoughts on Cristina’s elimination? Discuss below!

Posted by:Philiana Ng