” audition tour and we get to see one of the worst audition cities I think I’ve ever seen.

Los Angeles

The City of Angeles is the first stop tonight with the trio of Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Director/Choreographer Adam Shankman. Joshua Allen, Katee and Comfort from last season are in the audience.

At one point, when Callico Sequiera/30/Lindy Hop auditioned, she wasn’t good enough to get on the show but Adam went onstage and danced with her totally unrehearsed. And it was awesome and that’s why I heart him. They brought Joshua, Katee, and Comfort to serve as the judges and the mock-sent him through Vegas. I like moments like this because it shows how much fun the auditions can be.

Immediate Tickets To Vegas

Bianca Revels/20/Tap – You should remember Bianca from last year – I do. She made it all the way to the end but didn’t make it into the Top 20. She performs a cappella and is fab. There was a “You better work it” yelled from the audience as well as hoots and hollers. All the judges stood when she finished. Nigel said she’s the “consummate tap dancer,” Mary thinks she’s the best female tapper they’ve had on the show, and Adam expects big things. First audition shown, first ticket received.

Asuka Kondoh/25 & Ricky Sun/28/Latin – Asuka is another that didn’t quite make it to the Top 20 last year. I remember them and they’re definitely good. They have great stage presence, especially considering how much spotlight Asuka naturally demands. Nigel loved them both and was especially impressed by how Ricky improved from last year. Mary digs them both too. Ricky’s the first to get his ticket but both have a plane to catch.

To wrap up the first day, we got a montage of three dancers who moved through. I’m a bit disappointed as I’d like to have seen the ballerina.

Amanda Kerby/20/Contemporary – She’s got fantastic control, in turns especially. Nigel was more captivated by how pretty she is than her dancing, Mary recognizes how much potential she has, and Adam thought she was spectacular. She’s the first to go to Vegas on the second day.

Phillip Chbeeb/Popping & Locking – Last season, Phillip got pneumonia and couldn’t even make it to Vegas so when Nigel saw him on stage warming up, he immediately pulled him out of the crowd and gave him the ticket. No audition necessary.

Arielle Coker/19/Contemporary – Arielle met Phillip through going to the same school and they had the idea to partner together and audition this year. I like the idea a lot…it was almost like watching the Top 20. Her mom, who was in a wheelchair after a bad car accident, taught him how to partner in three days. Nigel loved it but notes it’s hard to stand out next to Phillip. Adam says that not only is she great, she’s brought out the best in Phillip. Their collective ingenuity means they both get to Vegas.

Talented Standouts

Nathan Trasoras/17/Modern-Contemporary – He’s not quite Mark Kanemura but he reminds me of him. His choreography is fascinating and his control is ridiculous. All the judges really dug him Shank-dizzle thought that he was “pretty beeping impressive.” Unfortunately, he’s not old enough for this season but Nigel gives him a ticket and writes “Season 6” for the Fall on it.

Sonny Ramirez/19/Popping & Locking – The first audition from the second day brought smiles to the judges’ faces. Not only is Sonny very good, he’s got charisma coming out of his ears. Mary, Nigel, and Adam adore him but they’re really hoping he can do other styles so it’s off to choreography. And off to Vegas.

There’s another pesky audition montage. I say pesky because I’d love to see the full audition of most of these dancers. The three girls featured get sent to the next round to see what they can do. The ballerina couldn’t quite adapt but the two Contemporary dancers made it through.

The two audition days yielded about 50 total dancers getting Golden Tickets with a fairly even split making it through each day.


The City of Umbrellas marks the first appearance of Emmy Winner Mia Michaels who joins Mary and Nigel on the judges panel. It’s also home to the most motley crew I think I’ve ever seen in one city. You know why it rains all the time? Because all these bad auditions hurt the sky’s feelings.

Immediate Tickets To Vegas

Not a single person. That’s a damn shame.

Talented Standouts

Nick Salzman/25/Breaking – It feels like Nick is the first breaker we’ve seen. He’s quite good but something goes wrong during a headslide and he stopped shortly after that. It’s a shame because he’s got such promise. He ran out of steam and became sort of dismissive about the whole thing and talked himself out of a yes. At least he understood that he made a mistake and apologized. Rats.

Kelsea Taylor/18/Contemporary – Her movements are odd yet rather beautiful. She’s a breath of fresh air after a host of really, really bad auditions.I know Mark Kanemura’s name has been brought up a lot but she’s totally in the same category choreography wise. The judges all dug her and Mia called her a “beautifully disastrous weirdo.” After the choreography round, she’s able to collect her ticket to Vegas.

Kuponohi’ipoi Aweau/23/Contemporary – The first tryout on Day 2, he’s got good stage presence and some nice moves but I didn’t love his choreography. Mia sees a lot of potential and he kind of reminds Nigel of fellow Hawaiian Mark. I don’t know if I can make that comparison just yet but he’s off to the next round to see if he can take notes. He can and he’s through.

Only 4 people made it through on Day 1 while 9 of 22 were victorious on Day 2. The only way anyone got a ticket was via the choreography round. That’s…wow.

Overall Thoughts: Chbeeb!!! Los Angeles pulled the big numbers like I was expecting. Really Seattle? Really? Granted, I’m sure that section was cut together to make it seem more terrible than it really was and it was probably pretty mleh overall, but still. Especially that first day. Also, a note to the producers: If you stop putting You-Know-Who on TV, maybe he’ll stop auditioning. I feel like we barely got to see anyone – the first rounds went by so quick. Not that I’m complaining since I’m really excited for the actual show to start. Nigel giving Nathan an advanced ticket to Season 6 proves they knew they were coming back in the fall early on so that definitely explains why they’re taking what seems like significant less dancers to Vegas.

Do you think there were any stand-outs? Are you surprised Seattle was so…painful? Of all the auditions to now, who do you want in the Top 20? Any other thoughts?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks