Nigellythgoe_soyouthinkyoucandance_290 Another day, another two-hour extravaganza on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Miami, Florida

Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined by Tyce D’Orio on the judges panel, and he was in rare form today. Like a-lion-tearing-through-an-antelope rare.

Immediate Tickets To Vegas

Priscilla Marrero/23/Contemporary – Her lines are fab, her extension and limb control is sick, and she gives great face. Nigel “enjoyed every moment,” Mary found her captivating, and she made Tyce happy to be a dancer. She absolutely deserved her ticket.

Janette Manrara/25 & Romulo Villaverde/20/Latin – They auditioned last season in Washington and Janette made all the way through Vegas before being cut on the last day. With a year and a half to tighten up their technique, they certainly made the most of it. They’re awesome – crazy lifts, sharp movements, fantastic stage presence. They got a Mary Scream, Tyce loved her kicks and Nigel delivered the Papers of Glory.

Erik “Silky” Moore/19/Tapper – Erik’s on a mission to bring tapping back since it’s a disappearing art form. With his Michael Jackson/breakdancing flavored routine, he definitely has a chance. Nigel thought it started a little tentatively but was really good. Mary wanted it to keep going. Tyce loved the multi-nuanced performance. When Nigel held up the plane ticket, he fell out on the floor. He’s the first person to go through on the second day.

Paris Torres/19/Contemporary – A former Miss Washington, she entered the pageants because she loves to dance. There’s something very engaging about her, but in a different way Priscilla. Nigel loved the technique and performance, Mary said she has everything they’re looking for, and Tyce gives the tip to be less concerned about her feet and hands really give in to the performance. Tyce wants to see her do choreography but a 2 to 1 vote sends her to Vegas.

After Paris they showed three straight dancers who got tickets but we only saw partial auditions over the same track.

Talented Standouts

Joseph Smith/20/Hip Hop – He’s not really a Popper or a Locker but definitely exhibited a similar vibe. His movements were a good mix of smooth and razor sharp but the real draw is how charismatic he is. All the judges enjoyed it but Tyce’s mind kind of wandered halfway through. So it’s off to choreography with him…and off to Vegas. Schwam!

Geo Smith/21/African – Geo’s danced with this great headdress and jumped off the stage. He was very good, though we only saw about half the audition. He’s sent to the choreography round to see if he’s as well rounded as he seems. And he is. He’s got a Golden Ticket!

Talia Rickards/24/Hip Hop – Talia is extremely telegenic. Her routine is Hip Hop somewhat by way of a dance team but has great charisma. The general consensus is that she’s very pretty and there’s something there, but Tyce isn’t sure if there’s enough. Whatever she has it was good enough to conquer Lauren Gottlieb’s choreography and collect a plane ticket.

There’s a total of 32 dancers moving on to Sin City, 18 from Day 1 and 14 from Day 2.

Memphis, TN

Krumper Lil’ C is the third judge to compliment Nigel and Mary this time around. Whatever he says won’t be even half as harsh as Tyce was. For real.

Immediate Tickets To Vegas

Marico Flake/24/Memphis Juking – Wow. He’s very impressive. Lil’ C is already familiar with this form – he’s used it in choreography before and it’s been around and underground for 20 years. They were all so impressed that he goes straight through.

Caitlin Kinney/21/Contemporary – Her sister Megan was one of the three montage ticket-getters in Miami. She’s got a great body – her arms, legs, feet, hands, torso…everything is just ridiculous. She got claps from the audience during a turn sequence. And holy cow she’s only been doing ballet for 5 years! Crazy. She’s even had hip reconstruction. Amazing. Mary calls this her destiny. Lil’ C called her “a blessing.”

Evan Kasprzak/21/Jazz – *Squee!* It’s Evan aka “Gene Kelly!” So glad he’s back. If you don’t recall, he made it to the last round of Vegas last year but couldn’t crack the Top 20. He got a great big round of applause when he finished. Nigel thought the routine was fantastically constructed (his brother choreographed it). Both Mary and Lil’ C thought it was great but wonder if he can adapt to styles outside of his comfort zone. Pffft. Whatever, they know he can do choreography so it’s off to Vegas with him.

Ryan Kasprzak/29/Tap – This is Evan’s bro who’s doing his number a capella with whoopie cushion emphasis. He’s got a great sense of natural rhythm, which isn’t always the case with tappers surprisingly. And he’s got a ton of charisma – Donald O’Connor to Evan’s Gene. Nigel thought it was a whole lot of fun, Mary was smiling the whole time, and Lil’ C thought it was delightful. Thanks to Mary and Lil’ C, he’s going to join his brother.

Talented Standouts

Anna Dunn/18/Modern-Contemporary – Mia’s going to love her. Her choreography is very interesting and engaging and her technique is fab. Nigel thought she was over-choreographed because her face didn’t shown very often but that she’s tremendous. Mary loved everything but the excessive head bouncing. She’s off to the next round so they can actually see her smile when she dances. It’s absolutely no surprise to me that she’s off to Vegas.

Travis Prokop/20/Contemporary – He has a lot of promise but he’s so tall, I’m not sure he’s really fully adapted his movements to his height yet. Nigel says he has the ability if he gets stronger to really pull those moves out. Mary agrees as does Lil’ C, who reiterates that the technique is there but he needs to work it out. Thanks to vastly improving in the choreography round, he gets to start his work out by doing bicep curls with a plane ticket.

Lauren & Lydia Guerra/19/Contemporary – Twins, they decided to audition together. Nigel points out that Lydia is more power while Lauren is more about performance but they’re “both a joy to watch.” Mary enjoyed it and Lil’ C noticed that they don’t dance the same at all. They’re sent to the choreography round so they can be evaluated separately. Lauren’s the first up and gets a ticket. Lydia was the last person to discover her fate. After a fake-out, Lydia will be joining her sister in Vegas.

From both audition days, 29 dancers will be flying off to Nevada. I think only about 8 were from the first day.

Overall Thoughts: Evan and Ryan are so adorable. I’m so happy they both auditioned and made it through. Of all the female Contemporary dancers we saw full auditions of tonight, right now I’m most intrigued by Caitlin and Anna though overall I’m quite impressed by the choreography. I look forward to seeing what Travis can do. My guess is he asked his high school football coach father to help him start working out as soon as he got home. Romulo Villaverde is one of the best names ever. As each season goes by, Tyce seems to have less and less patience for deluded auditioners. Lil’ C is one of my favorite judges.

Did any of the dancers really blow your skirts up? Did you see any contenders? Were there more bad auditions than usual or were they just especially painful? Any other thoughts? Tomorrow brings the last two stops: Los Angeles and Seattle. I’m expecting LA to put through a huge number of dancers.

Posted by:Tamara Brooks