catdeeleyNEW.jpgDuring Wednesday’s live “So You Think You Can Dance” finale, not everything went as smoothly as producers may have hoped. And if you were watching, you definitely noticed.

The moment came midway through the show. The camera was on host Cat Deeley, as it so often is, and she was trying to introduce the next segment… we think.

Why aren’t we sure?

Well, her microphone was out and we couldn’t really hear what she was saying.

Cat kept her calm and crossed the stage, which gave her a few seconds to collect her thoughts and wait for a hand held mic to be delivered. But just as that disaster was taken care of, another fire erupted.

Cat called the Top 6 to the stage for the first elimination of the evening, however only half of the contestants came out.

Where was everyone else?, she wondered aloud, as Ryan finally dragged an injured and sobbing Russell out to the floor.

Cat, having no idea what the heck was going on, tenderly asked what had happened, addressed the situation with grace and went on with the show.

They were live, after all.

What a woman.

Korbi TV has always said that Cat Deeley was the TV hostess with the mostest, but this finale incident is simply more proof of how underrated she is.

Are you hearing this, Emmy-voters?


Here’s a little more of the lovely Ms. Deeley, talking backstage about what she was thinking during the live debacle…

-Additional reporting by Marisa Roffman

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh