so you think you can dance top 20 elimination changes poll fox 'So You Think You Can Dance' elimination: Who hit bottom with a new format?“So You Think You Can Dance” aired its first show with the possibility of eliminations on Tuesday, July 2. But this season, things are a little different. Instead of waiting until the end of the two-hour broadcast to announce the couples on the bottom, the show started out with that bad news.

Those couples unfortunate enough to get stuck in the Bottom 3 had to face a whole night of dancing with elimination looming.

Did it work?

It’s safe to say that the new format didn’t work out well for the Bottom 3 Girls and Guys. Who were they?


Bottom 3 Girls
Makenzie Dustman
Mariah Spears
Brittany Cherry

Bottom 3 Guys
Alan Bersten
Jade Zuberi
Carlos Garland

All of these dancers had to deal with brand-new performances while keeping in mind that they could be about to leave. Not much fun, is it?

While Makenzie and Alan were quickly saved, the other four had to prepare to dance for their lives. That worked out well for Mariah and Jade — declared safe — but not so well for Brittany and Carlos. They were eliminated. And they still had to keep dancing!

Is this a good system? Is it fair to ask eliminated dancers to stick around to help the others? How do you feel about the change?

Posted by:Laurel Brown