so you think you can dance season 10 finalists winners fox 'So You Think You Can Dance' finale: Who will win Season 10?

Fik-shun, Amy, Jasmine and Aaron are the final dancers left in the “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 10 competition. Two of them — one girl and one guy — will take the top prize as America’s Favorite Dancer.

But who will it be? Now that audiences have seen the final performances and now that the final votes have been submitted, it’s time to make some guesses.

In order to break it down, we will take a look at who will win based on the whole season and based just on Monday’s (Sept. 3) performances.

Finale performances


By a small margin, Fik-shun seems to have the lead here. He didn’t have rave reviews at every moment, but the judges simply couldn’t hide their adoration of this guy. And he did pretty amazingly well — with the sole exception of the ballroom dancing, everyone loved every dance.

Also, Fik-shun made “Gangnam Style” entertaining. That should be an automatic win right there.

Aaron did pretty well too — he just lacked some of Fik-shun’s boundless flair. There was one negative review for the night, for the dance with Jasmine. Otherwise it was all positive. Aaron just didn’t have the wow-factor of his competitor.


This is a tougher call. Both Amy and Jasmine had great nights in the finale, but both received minor criticism as well. Amy might have the slightest of edges in the finale, since she was the one who got Nigel’s “my favorite girl” mention. But it was close.

Full season


Fik-shun may have this one covered. Yes, he was on the bottom one time — as Aaron was not — but Fik-shun stunned the audience with unexpected brilliance every week

Aaron did have a bit of the same unexpected nature to his dances, of course. After all, the guy wasn’t even supposed to be in the Top 20! The difference is that Aaron has received fairly regular criticism for form (in areas he’s supposed to be good in) and that no one has the charisma to top Fik-shun.


Again by the slightest of edges, Jasmine may be the winner here.

The judges have unanimously and enthusiastically loved this dancer since Day 1. Jasmine has had hardly a misstep, hitting every style like she was born to it. Also, legs. She has the legs of Season 10.

Amy has all the personality in the universe, but she isn’t quite as cleanly reliable a dancer. One of the only performers to fall during a dance, Amy just never seems as polished as Jasmine. She is amazing, sure, but is that enough?

So who wins?

It’s a tight race, but Fik-shun and Jasmine seem the most likely winners of “SYTYCD” Season 10. Unless they don’t.

Posted by:Laurel Brown