" season 5 boyfriend! Gone too soon.

Well, truth be told, though it was heartbreaking to see both Tony — with his huge personality and good looks — and Paris Torres — with her beautiful lines and big talent — go, it was probably the right decision for week one.

Don't you agree?

I mean, I know Nigel Lythgoe and the other judges felt none of the guys were impressive with their solos, but I felt wowed by Vitolio and Jonathan, the two other boys in the bottom three. After seeing a shirtless Vitolio move his body brilliantly across that stage and cute, little Jonathan flip himself around the floor like it was nothing, I knew Tony's charm wasn't going to be enough to save him.

As far as the girls were concerned however, I wasn't sure who would go.

Strangely enough, the judges' thought process was the exact oppposite. I spoke with Adam Shankman after the show and he told me they knew immediately after the solos that Paris was the girl dancer they were sending home. Tony, however, they had to deliberate over. I'll let him explain why…

"A lot of it started to boil down to casting decisions. Asuka really

knows how to light the stage on fire and she's our only girl ballroom

dancer and I also feel like there's a lot of room for her to grow.

Karla did the best solo. And Paris was really lovely, but lovely like a

good competition dance, not like a star. So she felt pretty obvious to

us. As far as Tony goes, Tony is a star. But he just killed himself with his solo."

Okay, but why did Nigel say that none of the boys "brought it" when I thought the other two killed it?

Apparently the judges felt that Vitolio was technically great, but he was dead in his face. Adam, Nigel and Mary all told me that there

was zero performance there, that they couldn't tell what he was dancing about, and that as beautiful as his lines are, this is a show about personality as well. Jonathan, on the other hand, had a lot of personality, but the judges felt his dancing was missing. "When I say that his gymnastics saved him, I mean that his gymnastics saved him," Adam explained. "We were sitting there going, where's the good salsa?"

Still, Adam ain't Mia Michaels. He didn't really want to cut anyone last night. "It's horrible. It's horrible. I wanted to kill myself," he said. "You know, I've seen some of those kids since their first audition. And all of them survived Vegas, which is gruesome. And by the end of Vegas, you start getting attached. You start to have great affection for who they are or how hard they're working. And then to see how excited they are to be on the show. And I was them. You know what I mean? I see myself in them. So it's a real emotional trip for me. Having to let one of them go? It is rough. These Thursday nights? As high as Wednesdays are, these Thursday nights are that low."

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh