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“So You Think You Can Dance” host Cat Deeley adores fashion, haunts flea markets and vintage stores and has been planning a Great Gatsby moment for this season.

“I love fashion,” she says. “I love having fun with it. People can either love it or hate it, but they talk about it. Sometimes I am right and sometimes I am oh so wrong.”

Drinking a glass of champagne at a Rockefeller Center restaurant, Deeley looks terrific in just a bit of day makeup, a flowing print tan blouse and skinny jeans.
She talks about her fashion choices for her fall wedding to Patrick Kielty, and how she kept the ceremony very low key.
“We didn’t want any intrusion,” Deeley says. “It was hush-hush. There were only 60 people. It was a reception at the Getty Villa, just outside of Rome. We just had a gigantic feast with lots of singing and dancing and craziness. It was so nice, and we kept it under wraps.
“The code word for it was ‘my 40th’ — even phone conversations,” she continues. “I am still only 36, so God only know what I am talking about.”
Deeley says much as she enjoys trends and finding the perfect dress, she did not have lifelong fantasies about a fairy tale wedding gown. “I was never that woman who kept tear sheets of dresses under my bed,” she says. “I didn’t care. I just knew I wanted to hang out with him for the rest of my life.”
Deeley wore the Alexander McQueen shipwreck gown for the church service and a St. Laurent dress for the party, which she describes as “a dance around dress, it was gorge!”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler