Here it is. We’re one week away from our final four on So You Think You Can Dance and, with the great performances turned in tonight, the remaining contestants aren’t making the decision easy for us.


Tonight’s judging panel features the triumphant return of Adam Shankman. Yay! Hopefully his presence will temper Mary Murphy’s insanity and Nigel’s creepiness.

1. Courtney & Mark
Dance/Choreographer/Song: Viennese Waltz/Jason Gilkinson/"The Time Of My Life’ by David Cook

As always, I thought Mark did a lovely job with his character. The hand connections were’t always strong and Courtney was quite "fairy princess" enough for my tastes, but it was still very lovely. I wasn’t bored with it in the least, which is a rarity and holy crap Paula Abdul is sitting behind Gilkinson in the crowd shot. Sorry. That took me by surprise. Anyhoo, Shankman said Mark had the best rise and fall of any of the male competitor this season. Nigel called it "beautifully romantic," which I think is an apropos description.

Solo 1: Chelsie
Song: "When I Grow Up" by The Pussycat Dolls

Give it up to the girl for throwing down her best solo so far. With her, her costume sometimes dictates the effectiveness of her moves and, this time, both were fantastically complimentary. And go ahead with that quad-turn into the splits at the end (at least I think it was four turns…).

Solo 2: Twitch
Song: "Midas Touch" by Midnight Star

First, big ups for the song selection. I haven’t heard this in year. It had everything – comedy, choreography, and style. And Cat put on his glasses and gold teeth at the end. Hilarious. Why wasn’t she nominated for an Emmy again?

2. Katee & Joshua
Dance/Choreographer/Song: Contemporary/Tyce DiOrio/"All By Myself" by Celine Dion

I’m underwhelmed. Not by the dancing – they were fantastic. What I think it was is there’s a disconnect for me between the steps and the underpinnings of the song. Certainly, the choreography was good and danced with passion, but the song for me has a desperation to it that was lacking in the number. If I muted it, it was great. But there’s nothing but love from the judges, with Shankman calling it Tyce’s best number ever.

Gillian Lynne, choreographer of Cats and The Phantom of The Opera, is also in the audience.

3. Chelsie & Twitch
Dance/Choreographer/Song: Mambo/Tony & Melanie/"Ahora Me Toca A Mi" by Victor Manuelle

Chelsie’s outfits is great and Twitch’s pants are all kinds of shiny. Love the music, love the characters. Chelsie was, as expected, fantastically awesome. While Twitch was outmatched, I thought he did a good job especially with such little prep time. Definitely much better than the Latin stuff with Kherington. Nigel gave a good note to Twitch to make sure he keeps his face from showing his a mistake…which, as the slo-mo replay shows, wasn’t as glaringly obvious as Nigel would have us think.

Solo 3: Katee
Song: "Can’t Stop" by Maroon 5

It’s nice to see her dance to a fast song for a change…but I felt the movements weren’t unique enough if that makes sense. Still, she had a good energy and sense of playfulness.

Solo 4: Joshua
Song: "Like That" by Memphis Bleek

Joshua gets such air on his kicks and jumps it’s crazy. Impressive.

4. Courtney & Mark
Dance/Choreographer/Song: Jazz/Sonya Tayeh/"The Garden" by Mirah

I loved loved loved this routine. Easily one of my favorites of the season and the best of the night so far. Both of them hit their characters, hit the moves, and really brought a great energy to the stage. I agree with Shankman that it’s great to have Sonya join the choreographers.

5. Katee & Joshua
Dance/Choreographer/Song: Paso Doble/Jason Gilikson/"Filet" from the Le Reve Original Soundtrack

Well, Joshua finally got to be shirtless and Katee’s outfit is cool. This is big music to fill and Joshua is matching it very well. He out-shined Katee for me this number but both were really good. It’s a love fest from the judges with Mary letting out two…no, three blood-curdling screams.

Solo 5: Courtney
Song: "Rock Your Soul" by Elisa

It was a good solo…I like the way she points her toes in her jump-turns, very impressive technique. Though I notice at times there’s slight breaks in it.

Solo 6: Mark
Song: "Bum Like You" by Robyn

I love his solos, this one is no exception. He’s just so…quirky and entertaining and so smart about the beats he chooses to ride. This has to be the toughest top three to chose from in all the seasons.

6. Chelsie & Twitch
Dance/Choreographer/Song: Hip Hop/Tabitha & Napoleon/"Control" by The Vitamin String Quartet

Great character work from both of them and a very cool song choice. Chelsie did the moves very well and Twitch…well, this was right up his alley.

Favorite Numbers: Katee & Joshua’s Paso Doble, Chelsie & Twitch’s Hip Hop and Courtney & Mark’s Jazz but all the numbers were solid tonight.
Stand-out Individuals: All of them. Everyone did really well tonight and nobody slipped up. I keep using the word "impressed" but that how I feel.

Disappointments: Tyce DiOrio. I could’ve loved his Contemporary piece but it didn’t really meet my expectations.

Okay…it’s crunch time. How do you think it’s going to turn out tomorrow? Who’s making it to the top four? Who should make it there? Your favorites and not favorites? Any other thoughts?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks