sytycd melanie 'So You Think You Can Dance': It's Melanie's competition to loseOne week out from the finale, the skill level of the remaining six dancers competing for the “So You Think You Can Dance” title is painfully good. The kind of good that makes judges and viewers cry (Sasha!) and allows one dancer so magnificently gifted to come up with the best solo ever danced on the show just moments before she stepped on stage.

On Wednesday (Aug. 3), Caitlynn, Marko, Melanie, Ricky, Sasha and Tadd showed us what it takes to get to the highest levels of the competition. All six dancers possess incredible agility, impeccable technical skills and heart to spare. But only one dancer has that little something extra that sets her apart from the rest.

I mean, really, it’s as if Melanie was literally born to dance. Since the top 20 were picked so many weeks ago in Las Vegas, this competition has been Melanie’s to lose and she hasn’t lost us yet.

This week she even managed to step up her game with a ridiculously buck (to borrow a term from judge Lil’ C) hip-hop routine with partner Twitch, a Broadway fabulous mirror dance with Tadd and her solo which truly was, as Nigel said, “one of the best solos ever danced on the show.” Or, to quote Lil C’, “beefy.”

And — yes — she apparently did concoct it (or at least finalize the details of how it would play out) in her head during the commercial break before she stepped on stage.

Thanks Melanie for making her feel like dancing is the only thing that will mend a broken heart,” said guest judge Christina Applegate.

And she’s on to something there. Melanie’s dancing, even when melancholy, somehow leave us hopeful. The only other dancer in the competition that comes close to her — Sasha — leaves her heart on the floor with every routine (well, except maybe this week’s “whacking” fest). We have nothing but love for her art, but our money’s on Melanie.

Two dancers will have to go home on Thursday. It won’t be Melanie or Sasha. Which leaves Caitlynn, who is young and wonderful and will have a bright future in dance but will most likely be saying goodbye this week.

Wow, this far into the piece and not one mention of the men? Well, no, because it seems as if this season’s men are only there to give the ladies an assist. We love all three of them, but forced to send one home we’d have to bid Ricky farewell.

What do you think? Who will go home Thursday? Share your thoughts below, zappers.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson