" named its top 10 last night with a few

surprises, a disappointing announcement and a sneak peek at the new

crop of contestants for the fall season.

But to get to that all-important top 10 list, Phillip and Caitlin had to be sent packing. The

news, however, wasn't all bad for the two, as Nigel Lythgoe revealed that both

of them would be joining the "SYTYCD" tour. Not a shabby consolation prize. Clearly, the judges are fans of Phillip and Caitlin, so why were they the two to get cut?

Talking with the judges after the show, they cited Phillip's lack

of growth potential as the main reason, though Mary Murphy did acknowledge that he had been an underdog of the

competition due to his limited dance background. They seemed a little less sure about

their decision to get rid of Caitlin, but Tyce Diorio was

optimistic, saying the remaining women will step up their game and bring

some fighting spirit to the competition.

Though the judges were unanimous on

who to send home this week, it may not have been so simple had viewers put

different couples in to the bottom three. Mary admitted to being

surprised that Randi/Evan and Kayla/Kupono were both safe after less-than-stellar performances the evening before. "They did

not fall down in danger, and I was actually a little bit shocked, to

tell you the truth," Mary said. "It could have been a totally different

outcome [tonight, had the public voted differently]."

Birthday boy Nigel — who was surprised with a cake, balloons, and

the audience singing "Happy Birthday" to him after the show taped —

speculated that the Mia Michaels-choreographed "addiction" number that

Kayla and Kupono performed was what propelled them into the top 10, since that particular piece was quite strong. And

considering the way people worship Mia Michaels, it wouldn't be

surprising if she swayed some viewers into voting for K-squared.

One thing the judges couldn't stop raving over was Ade's

electrifying "dance for your life" solo. Mary called him a

"firecracker" and praised the performance — which had the studio

audience on its feet –  as being the best they had seen of him. Tyce —

who told Ade before his solo performance that he "dropped the ball" the

previous night, and that he needed to be great, instead of simply

good — said afterward that he was trying to inspire Ade to not be a

victim up on the stage, and man, did it work. Tyce compared Ade's

performance to a slap in the face, which woke the audience up and forced

them to notice him.

As for the aforementioned disappointing news, Nigel informed viewers during the

show that the Michael Jackson tribute "SYTYCD" had been planning is not

happening. He seemed genuinely baffled about what went

wrong when we spoke with him backstage. "I don't understand it, I don't know why [they rejected us]," he lamented. "I asked yesterday for an official reason and they

said, I'm sorry, we've been asked to deny it. I don't know if it's come

from the Jackson estate or Sony… I truly can't think of a better show

to put his music on."


Nigel also revealed that Paula Abdul and Shane Sparks, in addition to

the regular "SYTYCD" choreographers, had agreed to work on the tribute

before plans were kiboshed.

Sad that we won't get to see all that phenomenal "So You Think You Can Dance" talent mate with Michael's music, don't you think?

We're just going to keep hoping that whoever's in charge of making the decision changes his or her mind. Maybe the "So You Think You Can Dance" fall season Top 10 will get the chance to make it happen.

As for this season's Top 10, any thoughts? Are you happy with the finalists?

-Reporting by Marisa Roffman

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh