.” It’s the penultimate week and the slightest misstep or the wrong choreographer could spell disaster.

All the guys had fantastic intros for different reasons and the girls…eh. They were aight. And I have to say I’m ridiculously disappointed that Janette is gone. To me it’s one of, if not the, biggest injustices out of all the eliminations this season.

Our judges tonight are Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy as always and the return of Lil’ C. Mary says she was shocked by Janette’s elimination and tells the people voting at home to not just look at this week, but what they’ve done from day one. Nigel theorizes that everyone is so even and so great that people are voting for routines more than dancers. He also believes that no one has really “popped” personality-wise, which I don’t exactly agree with.

1. Group – Guys

Dance/Choreographer/Song: Contemporary/Sonya Tayeh/”True Romance” by She Wants Revenge

Sonya described the piece to the guys as being “Willy Wonka-esque” and inspired by the costumes. They do have an Oompa Loompa vibe though hot at all orange. Wow, the lifts and tricks are crazy. Great choreography and the boys danced it superbly. The hit the moves with power and committed too it 100%. Lil’ C is living vicariously through Sonya in getting Ade and Brandon in a routine together. He commends Evan for stepping it up and not getting at all lost. Mary thought it was phenomenal and it shows why the three of them are still standing. Nigel agrees with both of them but adds that Evan stood out because we’ve never seen him do a number like this.

2. Jeanine & Ade

Dance/Choreographer/Song: Samba/Louis Van Amstel/”LoveGame” by Lady Gaga

Louis decided to not go with a typically structured Samba. While I do know some about Latin Ballroom, I don’t know enough to really differentiate between what he did and what’s typical. I do, however, know I really liked the choreography. Good hip action from both of them and Jeanine has really good legs overall. It was a bit clunky at times but it was extremely entertaining. Mary loved the first 15-seconds but it fell apart after that. It fell short for Lil’ C but he’s not sure if it’s because his expectations were too high or because they faltered. Nigel thought Jeanine did really good but Ade’s carriage was all wrong.

Solo: Kayla

Song: “You Found Me” by The Fray

This was a particularly flail-y solo but it was still interesting watching her move, as it always is. I can’t tell if I’m underwhelmed becayse Kayla’s just not great at choreographing for herself under this sort of pressure or I’m just burned out on all these flippy Contemporary/Jazz solos to mid-tempo Adult Contemporary songs.

3. Melissa & Evan

Dance/Choreographer/Song: Broadway/Tyce D’Orio/”Get Me To The Church On Time” from “My Fair Lady” by Matt Dusk

Oh…a Tyce number. Evan plays the groom who’s overslept to Melissa’s bride. Well, I enjoyed it as much as I could considering who choreographed it but it wasn’t fabulous. They showed a lot of personality and danced it very well, but I found myself once again underwhelmed. Thanks Tyce. Lil’ C was once again expecting a lot and he was a bit disappointed. He though the performance and dance quality were A’s but he wanted A+’s. Mary thought Evan did well and Melissa came to life. Nigel says Melissa has adapted to every style and that Evan brought just enough personality to the routine.

Solo: Ade

Song: “18th Floor Balcony” by Blue October

One thing that I appreciate about Ade is he always has an interesting wuality of movements that distracts from the fact that it’s another solo to a mid-tempo Adult Contemporary song.

4. Kayla & Brandon

Dance/Choreographer/Song: Contempoaray/Stacey Tookey/”All I Want” by Ahn Trio

The story is that of the mistress of a married man who doesn’t have the strength to leave him. Stacey said she wasn’t holding back on technique and partner work int he rehearsal package and she wasn’t kidding. Really great stuff and, considering who was dancing, of course it was performed fabulously. Lil’ C called it “beyond amazing.” Mary thought the dancing was “brilliant” and “exquisite.” Nigel would’ve liked a bit more chemistry but couldn’t have asked any more from their technique.

Solo: Melissa

Song: “I Put A Spell On You” by Nina Simone

I liked that she was trying something different but all her movements were quick and there needed to be a few slow, deliberate bits in there too. Also, it seemed like she was just starting when it ended.

5. Jeanine & Ade

Dance/Choreographer/Song: Hip Hop/Tabitha & Napoleon/”Move (If You Wanna)” by Mims

the concept of this week is friends who are getting kicked out of their apartment. They start out the number in the audience and move on stage. More great choreography and the uses of the cardboard boxes was really creative. They danced it very well – their movements didn’t always match but not in a way that was detrimental to the number. Jeanine was still channeling Phillip’s “stank face.” They were better than Lil’ C expected they’d be and called it “buck.” Mary thinks they’ll make it to next week. Nigel said both of them were fantastic and echoed the other judges on congratulating Ade for taking their notes and really getting “down” for the number.

Solo: Brandon

Song: “O’Fortuna (from “Carmina Burana”)” by Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg & Kurt Prestel

Dude, Brandon pulled out the big guns this week. I mean, the moves he linked together…he’s not human. Humans can’t do a double pirouette into a back flip, pause while crouched, and do a spread leap to the floor. He got a standing ovation from everyone including the judges and Nigel called it one of the best solos ever on the show.

6. Melissa & Evan

Dance/Choreographer/Song: Quickstep/Louis Van Amstel/”As Long As I’m Singin'” by The Brian Setzer Orchestra

Geez, are they trying to get these two kicked off? Double Dances of Doom! Evan’s giving me so much Gene Kelly, I’m loving it. It’s a very Old Hollywood Musical kind of number, which I always dig. Evan’s outshining Melissa in this one, though she’s performing very well. Great sweep lift at the end. Whew! They did well. I was nervous. To Lil’ C, Evan danced big but didn’t quite do his retractions quick enough. Mary acknowledged that it’s a tough dance but it lost steam through the end and didn’t live up to her expectations. It lost a bit for Nigel at the middle Lindy Hop section.

Solo: Jeanine

Song: “Feedback” by Janet Jackson

Oh, thank you so much for not dancing to some slow or mid-tempo Adult Contemporary song. I dug the solo a lot – it had sass, an interesting mix of moves, and a lot of energy. Huzzah!

Solo: Evan

Song: “Lady Is A Tramp” by Sammy Davis, Jr.

I always love Evan’s solos. Period.

7. Kayla & Brandon

Dance/Choreographer/Song: Disco/Doriana Sanchez/”Dance (Disco Heat)” by Sylvester

Wow. Doriana put some crazy stuff in here. They danced it fabulously and they performed those crazy effing lifts perfectly but it didn’t have the same spark that Brandon & Janette had. Bonus points for the two Death Drops – one for Kayla and one for Brandon. I think I sensed them running out of steam even though their faces didn’t show it – not that I blame them. Lil’ C believes they make each other better and he got tired just watching them. Mary says they hit a home run tonight. Nigel got up and started yelling and dancing around. I think that’s a first.

8. Group – Ladies

Dance/Choreographer/Song: Contemporary/Sonya Tayeh/”Kick It (Stereoheroes Remix) by Nina Martine

This number is about the girls being superheroes, essentially being triumphant. Sonya assigned them each characters – Kayla is Storm from the “X-Men,” Jeanine is Wonder Woman, and Melissa is Buttercup from “The Powerpuff Girls.” Sonya’s cred just went up ten-fold for me. As a whole, the number was good and they all danced it well though I think I was expecting a bit more. Jeanine stood out the most for me. I think it’s because she was more grounded which gave more impact to the moves. Melissa seemed to be a bit behind once or twice. Lil’ C thought it was danced amazingly but was looking for a little more oomph. Kayla was a stand-out for Mary because she had some difficult solo work. Nigel loved their chemistry and thought they were equally fantastic.

Overall Thoughts: I have no idea who’s going to make it to the finale but it sure seems like they’re trying to oust Evan and Melissa. My preference is to see Kayla and Jeanine make it to next week but it’s a complete toss-up between the guys. My sentimental favorites are Brandon and Evan but I can easily see Ade making it through too. No idea. My favorite number tonight was absolutely the Group Guys number by Sonya.

All right, think you know who’s in the finale? Is it different than who you’d want? Your favorite number tonight? Any other thoughts you’d like to share?

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Posted by:Tamara Brooks