lauren 'So You Think You Can Dance': Lauren's painful experience informs her performanceWhen “So You Think You Can Dance” contestant Lauren Froderman became very emotional during her performance on Wednesday (June 23), judge Nigel Lythgoe commended her on becoming an actor. The piece, performed to Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy,” was about a woman stuck in an abusive relationship.

When Zap2it caught up with Lauren backstage after her performance, she confessed that she wasn’t acting much at all. “I don’t know how much that is true because actually, this dance was really personal for me. It was real emotion,” she says. “In a way it was really me, and I was really sharing my pain with everybody and hoping that they would accept that.”

Her partner, all-star Dominick, helped her connect with the emotions. “It felt good to be there with Lauren,” Dom says. “She went through some things, and I think you could definitely tell. She didn’t want to go back to that feeling, and just to be a part of that was an honor. It’s an emotion that’s hard to go back to, especially because it was so recent for her.”

Still, Lauren tells us that letting go of her pent-up emotion was a relief. “It was nice to get that free feeling,” she says. It can’t hurt that the judges loved it!

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie