legacyperez sytycd 290 'So You Think You Can Dance': Legacy and Mollee fall shortAn injured Ashleigh managed to survive elimination on “So You Think You Can Dance,” and her husband Ryan took down fan favorite Legacy to advance with her to the finale. The six-dancer finale…? Hmm. Whatever you say, FOX.  

Group Number:
Sonya/”Pon de Floor (Samantha Ronson Remix)” by Major Lazer feat. VYBZ Kartel:
 Good energy, cool acrobatics, aggressively ugly costumes. She coped nicely with an uneven number of guys and girls. In keeping with the remix theme, we also get some filler on Samantha Ronson, aka that unwashed-looking chick who dated Lindsay Lohan for a while and oh yeah is also a DJ.

We begin with the guys. Russell is let off the hook immediately, to wild applause from the crowd. He’s totally the dark horse contestant, you guys. I don’t think we’ve yet seen all he’s capable of, and I’m hoping he’ll really bring it in the finale. Legacy finds himself in the bottom for the first time, which isn’t all that surprising considering Jakob’s…well, considering Jakob’s existence. And speaking of One Lord A-Leaping, he jet├ęd straight into the finale, of course! Ryan, joining Legacy in the bottom, has the look of a man who knows he’s doomed, but is trying to smile through it.   

Kathryn made the cut, which gets me all excited that America actually made the right call to send Mollee or Ashleigh home. But surprise! Ellenore somehow winds up in the bottom. Oh, America. Just when I think I can relax, you slap me in the face. For shame! So we’re down to Mollee, the great soloist and…sometimes less great partner; and Ashleigh, who didn’t even dance.

Didn’t even dance, and yet made it into the finale. Um, I call shenanigans! Firstly, SHE DIDN’T DANCE, and arguably shouldn’t have even been on the “ballot” since it determines who’s in the finale. Secondly, what if her injury still has her at less than 100 percent next week (if she’s able to truly dance at all)?

I feel for her, honestly, I do. It’s a really tough break to hurt yourself at this point in the competition. But to advance to the finale based on quality of past work that may or may not be repeatable with her injury when all three other girls gave great performances this week? Putting Ellenore in the bottom? What were you thinking, voters?! I mean, geez, talk about getting the sympathy vote – poor Ellenore and Mollee! Ashleigh had better be beyond awesome next week, that’s all I’m sayin’. You got a stay of execution – earn it, girl!

After a Wonder Girls performance (and I’m assuming they’re South Korea’s answer to the Pussycat Dolls) and an adorably awkward big box store ad featuring the dancers, we go to solos:

1. Legacy
Song: “Flashing Lights” by Vitamin String Quartet
– So…spinny… Hypnotic, almost. This dude spins on his head so much, it’s a wonder he’s not bald.   

2. Ellenore
Song: “Hajnal” by Venetian Snares
– Really, America? An injured Ashleigh over this awesomeness? …Really???

3. Ryan
Song: “Din Da Da” by Kevin Aviance
– The more I see Ryan’s solos, the more I just can’t get behind these ballroom solos. It just looks…weird. Energetic, but weird. And kicky. I’d almost want to solo in another style, honestly, if I at all could.  

4. Mollee
Song – “You’ll Find A Way (Switch & Sinden Remix)” by Santogold: 
Well, we already knew the girl could solo. And she really, really can. Again…a non-dancing Ashleigh? Sigh…     

“American Idol” winner Kris Allen serenades us with some non-threatening, vaguely inspirational Adult Contemporary before the results are announced. Way to cross-promote, FOX.

Ellenore, thank god, has made it into the finale, and she’s not even sure she heard Cat right at first. Aww. Well, I’m certainly not going to say Mollee absolutely should have been in the finale, but I will say that I’d be pretty pissed if I were Mollee. I mean, that’s almost like losing an election to a candidate who dropped out during the campaign but is still on the ballot. Rough. But hey, she had a pretty good run considering her rocky start.     

And wow. Legacy is eliminated, and Ryan joins his wife Ashleigh in the finale! Did these two make a pact with the devil or something? I get that the outstanding cha cha saved him, and that his emotional plea probably saved Ashleigh, but…wow. Legacy has been a fan favorite since the beginning, and that Travis Wall routine? Come on. Ryan did an amazing number in his style, but Legacy is a b-boy who danced contemporary! I’m really disappointed not to see him make the finale. Especially since there are six dancers in it!   

What do you think about the Ashleigh situation? Did she deserve to go to the finale? Were you surprised to see Legacy eliminated?

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