sytycd noelle 290 'So You Think You Can Dance': Nathan Trasoras and Noelle Marsh don't make the cutThe power was in your hands this week on “So You Think You Can Dance,” and you didn’t abuse it. Nice work, boys and girls. I deem you somewhat redeemed from your disastrous choice to put Ellenore and Ryan in the bottom last week.  

Group Number:
Tyce Diorio/”It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me” by Billy Joel:
 Ha, I love the “let’s get Jakob to do his crazy good leaps as often as possible” style of choreography that’s taken over the group routines this season. It was cute to see Ryan and Ashleigh briefly dancing ballroom-style together. Well, cute until the super-close-up makeout session. Fun number, at any rate. Especially given the risks of a Tyce routine.    

(Um, I actually watched the show last night, editors. I’m imagining most of us did, if we’re watching the results show. So please give our memories enough credit that we can remember what the routines were the next day without a ridiculously lengthy recap at the top of the show. If you can’t find enough filler, perhaps that’s then a clue that it should be a half-hour results show. Thanks!)

We begin with the ladies. Ellenore is safe, which means you voters have successfully spared yourselves a supremely angry rant. Mollee is safe too, and she can’t believe it. That’s one recoupling that worked out extremely well. Unsurprisingly, Noelle is in the bottom two, joined by Kathryn. Well, that sucks. I definitely thought she was better than Ashleigh last night – Kathryn really dives into each dance 100 percent, and while Ashleigh is slowly worming her way onto my good side, her solo was W.E.A.K. weak in comparison.  

Ryan is our first fella in the bottom two, which works for me. His performance definitely suffered without Ellenore. Jakob is greeted with ear-splitting shrieks, which is reassuring. I didn’t expect him to be anywhere near the bottom, but I’ve been worried that he lacks the fan base some of the other dancers have. Clearly not so! Nathan rounds out our bottom two guys, which means the bottom four is composed of two couples. 

We pause to watch the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, a new “multi-platform” project by John Chu, of “Step it Up 2” fame. I’m somewhat confused by the concept, especially in terms of how gaming is involved, but the performance is interesting to watch. On to the solos, not that they make any difference:

noellemarsh sytycd 290 'So You Think You Can Dance': Nathan Trasoras and Noelle Marsh don't make the cut1. Noelle
Song: “Every Time It Rains” by Charlotte Martin
– It’s a great solo tonight, too, though the open-mouth dancing thing still isn’t my favorite. She spells out “dance” with her hands at the end and waves, and I suspect she knows she’s going home.  

2. Ryan
Song: “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by Scorpions
– Mary calls Ryan one of the best ballroom dancers they’ve ever had and praises his partnering, while acknowledging that his solos are weak.

3. Kathryn
Song: “Beautiful” by Bethany Dillon
– Mary expresses shock at Kathryn’s presence in the bottom (“shock” may be a little strong, but seriously…she doesn’t belong there). Mary’s actually pretty upset about it. Kathryn tears up, saying that if she’s in the bottom it just means that folks need to see her solo.  

4. Nathan
Song – “Pretty Wings” by Maxwell:
Nathan gives us a different solo tonight, which is interesting. His kicks seem almost martial arts-style, and though he gives it his all, something about it turns me off. I think it’s that he didn’t look like he was enjoying himself enough. Nigel praises him, reminds him that any criticism from the judges has been tough love, and also reminds him that people are voting for their favorites and he’s up against some tough competition. Um, duh?    

We interrupt this program to bring you a performance by Snoop Dogg and Quest Crew, winners of “America’s Best Dance Crew.” They’re pretty awesome. Especially that little kid. Dancing kids are cuter than baby unicorns.

Noelle, as expected, is very tearfully heading home. And while I honestly do like her, this is definitely the right result. I’m more ambivalent on the guys, though if I had to pick I’d send Nathan home because of Ryan’s mad partnering skillz. Cat: “You’re here, I’ve got the card, it’s a Wednesday. There’s nothing we can do.” That’s exactly the kind of quote that makes me love Cat. And indeed, Nathan is leaving us tonight. I have to wonder what would have happened had he been partnered with someone else from the beginning.   

Do you agree with America’s decisions? Were you surprised by anyone’s presence in the bottom?

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‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Season Six – Top 20 Finalists

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