noellemarsh.jpgThough Nathan raised his “So You Think You Can Dance” game this week — as the judges suspected he might if paired with someone a bit more mature — and though Noelle killed it in her partnership with Ryan — really enjoyed the Nappy Tabs hip hop, clearly inspired by Mandy Moore‘s season 3 boardroom routine as well as Shane Sparks‘ season 3 Make It Work (did anyone else notice that?!) — it just wasn’t enough to keep them on the show.

But, as you’ll see in the clips below, everyone’s feeling cool about it. Nigel thinks America ultimately made the right decision. And Nathan and Noelle themselves seem perfectly content with how far they came in the competition.

And why shouldn’t they be? Top 10? They’re going on tour.

From this point forward, every week we’ll be seeing two super talented dancers cut, but once you’ve made Top 10, you’ve pretty much won, so whatever!

As for who will take the crown and the $250,000, it’s truly anyone’s game at this point.

Well, actually, Adam and Nigel seem to think the boys are frontrunners…

-Reporting by Marisa Roffman

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