legacyperez.jpgSeeing Legacy eliminated this week after the phenomenal Travis Wall “War of the Roses/Mr. & Mrs. Smith” piece he performed with Ellenore? And Mollee axed too, though she had one of the finest performance shows of the season this Tuesday?

Well, it proves that America is not always voting based on merit.

But as judge Adam Shankman points out in the clip below, the votes probably weren’t votes against Legacy and Mollee, just more in support of married couple Ryan and Ashleigh.

After Ashleigh’s untimely injury and Ryan’s romantic plea to vote for her, the tide clearly turned their way.

So Legacy and Mollee are out of crown contention, but as you’ll see in their clip, they couldn’t be more proud of the Top 6 and seem to be in great spirits regardless.

One thing they may be bummed about, however, is that they’re now ineligible for this year’s special prize, courtesy of Adam.

Adam, whose first professional job as a dancer was on the Academy Awards show 20 years ago, is actually directing the broadcast in 2010 and has announced that he will be hiring the Top 2 dancers to perform on the stage that night.

Sweet, no?

So, who will take the job?

Well, according to judge Nigel Lythgoe, this race is really between Jakob and Russell


So who do you think will win next week?

Any thoughts on seeing Mollee and Legacy cut?

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