channingcooke.jpgSo You Think You Can Dance” cut two more last night, dwindling the Top 20 to 12.

Certainly, it wasn’t all that
surprising to see Kevin/Karen and Channing/Victor in the bottom three, but the presence of Mollee and Nathan — who fully redeemed themselves this Tuesday with a solid performance — proves that the voting audience really does listen to what the judges say, as Nigel Lythgoe was quite critical of the two of them last week.

But, in the end, Mollee and Nathan had nothing to worry about, because the judges sent hip hop dancer Kevin Hunte and contemporary dancer
Channing Cooke home. So why were they cut?

— who hasn’t been shy with his criticism of the “dance for your life” solos performed
thus far — ponders fan backlash as far as Nathan is concerned in his clip below, but he also shares his thoughts on the departing dancers and what Channing lacks that Karen and Mollee have in spades.

Mary Murphy explains what she expects from a solo and who needs to step up their game.

Adam Shankman talks candidly
about who he is most disappointed to see leave this week, his
thoughts on why Mollee and Nathan ended up in danger, plus
who he feels is most at risk of leaving next Wednesday.

Channing and Kevin — the guests of honor — put on a brave face for the camera, though they probably went into a bathroom and cried (or something) afterward.

Watch the clips, which KTV correspondent Marisa Roffman so graciously gathered for us…

Aww, man, I would’ve liked to see the funky white girl do her thing.

Nigel, can Channing get her hip hop on for the finale?

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