We’re almost to the point where the SYTYCD dancers split up and I fear for little Gev because some of the remaining girls could possibly carry him around in their pockets. Based on last night’s performances, I think there were 3 couples who did 2 very good dances: Chelsea & Mark, Courtney & Gev and Katee & Joshua. That makes my personal Bottom 3 Comfort & Thayne, Will & Jessica and Kherington & Twitch. I will say that Kherington and Twitch have been strong prior to this week and should be safe. Will is an amazing dancer and I don’t think Jessica quite keeps up with him, but Comfort and Thayne have been over-matched. I actually think last week Comfort only stayed because Kourtni is too tall to partner with Thayne. But let’s see how right I am…

The group dance kicks off with "Closer" by Ne-Yo. Everybody is wearing a red satin jacket, which makes me sad the song isn’t "Beat It." There is some neat glow-in-the-dark action with the stripes on their sleeves, but also reminds me a little of an act you’d see by the dance team in a high school variety show. When the lights come back on, though, there’s a great group series that is very in sync. I dig hip-hop for the group number.

Cat comes out looking very Carrie Bradshaw with a cute black number and a giant flower in her hair. Our first two couples are Comfort & Thayne and Katee & Joshua. The Bottom 3 couple out of this duo has to be Comfort & Thayne, and unsurprisingly it is. Mia says she hopes they stick around and can prove themselves, but I really think their time is up.

Our next duo is Will  & Jessica and Chelsea & Mark. Again, I think it’s gotta be Will & Jessica. Their first piece was awesome, but Jessica just hasn’t grabbed me yet. Will deserves to stay but I think if Will & Jessica had been in the Bottom 3 last week, they could’ve sent Jessica home and partnered Kourtni with Will because Kourtni is a stronger dancer than Jessica. I think Chelsea & Mark are consistently very good. Again unsurprisingly, Will & Jessica are in the Bottom 3.

The last duo is Courtney & Gev and Kherington & Twitch. Now, most weeks I’d say C & G are a shoo-in for Bottom 3 against Twitchington. However, I think C & G knocked their dances out of the park last night (I particularly loved the Jungle number) and Twitchington was uncharacteristically flat. I think that’s okay, though, because Twitchington should be safe and I’m excited to see their solos. And unsurprisingly, it is Twitchington in the Bottom 3.

I don’t say this often about the American Public voting, but they got it exactly right this week for Bottom 3. Before the solos, we get a performance by 3 of the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre performing "Revelations." They perform to "Sinner Man" by Billy Porter and it is very raw and passionate. Excellent job.

Our first solo is Comfort dancing to "Oh Timbaland" by Timbaland. She does a passable hip-hop solo, but it’s kinda flat. Comfort is great at hip-hop but she just can’t fake the other styles anymore. Thayne dances to "Come Home" by OneRepublic. He has great technique and good passion, but I just can’t see him staying over Twitch or Will, especially after how many weeks he’s been in the Bottom 3.

Next is Jessica dancing to something I can’t see because of a Weather Alert. She’s very sensual, but it doesn’t overly impress me. I actually think it’s too bad she wasn’t Bottom 3 last week because I would’ve really liked to see Kourtni dance with Will. Will now dances to another Weather-Alert-obscured piece. It’s got a great tribal feel to it and he does some amazing leaps. I really wish since he is Debbie Allen’s student that he would’ve picked "Fame." Alas.

Last solos are Kherington dancing to "All We Are" by OneRepublic. She does a great series of turns and far outstrips the other two girls. Twitch dances to "We Gonna Win" by Miri Ben-Ari and it’s pretty sweet. He’s wearing a tuxedo jacket with tails over jeans and sneakers and his hip-hop is frenetic and interesting, though I expected more from him, just a little.

While the judges deliberate, we get a performance by Katy Perry with "I Kissed a Girl." She’s wearing what appears to be a yellow 1950s bathing suit that has been unfortunately bedazzled. Also, didn’t we get this song by Jill Sobule a few years ago? Hmmm. And the lyrics appears to be "I kissed a girl and I liked it." Sounds like drunken sorority girls who want attention, to me.  Moving on…

The judges are back and they take the girls first. They immediately dismiss Kherington from the group because her solo reminded us how good she is. Very true. Between Jessica and Comfort, Nigel says that Comfort "pulled it out" with her solo, which I don’t agree with. He says they were disappointed with Jessica’s solo and have been disappointed with her performances, but because of the one routine she did so beautifully this week, they are keeping her. That’s fair. I do think Jessica is a better dancer than Comfort, though Comfort does bring some variety to the show.

Nigel immediately dismisses Twitch, saying that him ending up in the Bottom 3 will wake everybody up, but that they can’t lose him at this stage. Also true. They then have Will step forward and tell him he would not be out of place with the Alvin Ailey company. YAY! Thayne is going home. Nigel says, "This may be cruel, but tonight is a night we wish we could keep all three of our boys and send home two girls." It may not be the nicest remark, but that’s absolutely true. Why can’t Thayne and Will dance together, huh? I think they could! They’d be amazing together.

So we lose Comfort and Thayne tonight, which can’t be any big surprise to anybody. Tune in next week when the dancers start drawing for not only dance styles but also partners. I fear for one of the taller girls drawing Gev. That could be a trainwreck of epic proportions.

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