Katie_sytycd_290 Tonight on “So You Think You Can Dance,” it’s the 100th episode, Katie Holmes is there and it’s a shame anyone has to go home.

Never fear: I am only covering SYTYCD this week while the lovely Ms. Brooks is at Comic-Con. She’ll be back next week.

Group Number, “One” from A Chorus Line
I about lose my mind when it comes on. I freakin’ love A Chorus Line. Everyone is wearing a white suit and they have the mirrors, just like in the show and movie. I wish the camera would stay pulled back so we could really see the whole routine because there are a lot of group moves that I want to see. I’m also a little sad they are doing the version of the song from when Zach tries to show Cassie she’s too good for the chorus because it’s creepy but I guess that is more fitting for a Mia Michaels routine. Cool all around.

We check in with the judges so they can gush about the show and Nigel shares with us that Olivia Newton-John called him about the Tyce D’Orio routine last night because she is a breast cancer survivor. Cool. I’m hopelessly devoted to Olivia Newton-John.

There is a video montage of the past 5 seasons and it’s great, but way too frenetic to recap. Suffice to say: awesome (except for the few random crazy homeless people who auditioned).

Cat reminds us that tickets go on sale Saturday for the Top 10 SYTYCD tour and we then revisit last night’s routines. Group number: cool. First half: disappointing. Second half: excellent.

For results, up first are the women. I’ll say again: I don’t know who should go home because they are all fabulous dancers, but my pick for Bottom 2 are Jeanine and Kayla. Melissa is the first one safe, then Kayla is the first one in the Bottom 2, then Jeanine is safe and Janette is in the Bottom 2 for the first time. Wow, I’m surprised.

The Humingbird & the Flower, Wade Robson jazz routine, Hok and Jaimie, season 3, “Chairman’s Waltz” from Memoirs of a Geisha
The first 100th episode Emmy-winning routine special performance is from season 3, which I did not watch so this is new for me. It certainly is stylistically interesting. The synchronicity is excellent and I love when they get all tangled on the floor. Very cool.

Time for guys’ results. I predict Jason and Evan are Bottom 2. The first dancer in danger is Jason, Ade is safe. Out of Brandon and Evan, Evan is safe and Brandon is in the Bottom 2. Man, Evan is this season’s Sanjaya. He is overmatched at this point, but the tween girls who think he’s so dreamy are voting like mad. I’m sorry, but Evan is NOT as good of a dancer as Brandon, Ade or Jason.

The Bench routine, Mia Michaels contemporary, Travis and Heidi season 2, “Calling You” by Celine Dion
This is also new for me, I became a SYTYCD fan only in season 4. Yes, I am deeply shamed. Anyway, the routine is beautiful, I love the use of the bench. The ending is just heartbreaking.

You know, I’ll be honest: both those routines were great, but I can think of several routines from last season I liked better. Chelsie & Mark’s Tim Burton Corpse Bride routine and “Bleeding Love” routine, Katee and Joshua’s going-off-to-war routine. Hmm. Oh well. Those were still excellent.

1. Kayla, “The Moment I Said It” by Imogen Heap

I get a little annoyed that the solos are all reepats from the night before and they don’t even count to save them. THey seem superfluous to me. Anyway, I think Kayla’s heart is a little more in it tonight than last night.

2. Jason, “Slowdance on the Inside” by Taking Back Sunday
His solo is not enough substance at the beginning, for me. Also, I think since it’s between him and Brandon, I would like to see him go home. Sorry Jason.

3. Janette, “Seduces Me” by Celine Dion
Janette seems stiff to me tonight. I think she’s pretty nervous, seein as how she’s never been in the Bottom Group before. I don’t think she should go home, so I guess I’m hoping for Kayla to leave? Man, I don’t know.

4. Brandon, “Ain’t Nothin Wrong with That” Robert Randolph and the Family Band

I think this is just an excellent solo and I repeat that he should play Ritchie in A Chorus Line. “Hello 12, Hello 13” would be just amazing.

Ramalama Group Routine featuring Wade Robson, “Ramalama (Bang Bang)” by Roisin Murphy
Oooh, I love the costumes and makeup. With the use of the set, this is very “Masquerade” from Phantom as done by “Thriller” zombies. Awesome, so cool. Loved it.

Judy Garland homage, Katie Holmes, “Get Happy” from Summer Stock
I have to get one crack in: so they let her out of the Scientology compound to come on the show? That’s very nice of them. Anyway, Katie is there to promote the Dizzy Feet Foundation, which brings dance to under-privileged children. That’s great, good for them.

After a video intro that had me very confused, Katie is actually in the studio live. Wait, she isn’t either. There are NO shots of the audience, so that isn’t live. Weak. Katie looks very Chicago and Cabaret and sassy but the lip syncing is distracting. Sorry, but it is Ashlee Simpson bad. They could’ve just had her dance. Also, if this is a Judy Garland homage, why is it only one song? Also, since it wasn’t live… maybe they wouldn’t let her out of the compound and they had to film it there. Anyway, that was underwhelming.

Results Time. The girl leaving tonight is Janette. WOW. First time in the bottom and she’s gone. What a bummer. I guess Evan’s ridiculous fanbase does not translate to his partner. Nigel really wanted Janette to win and is very disappointed that she’s leaving. He says, “I think America got it wrong.” Yeah.

The guy going home tonight is Jason. Yeah, that’s right out of these Bottom 2, but… we talked about who I think should be going home.

What do you guys think? Did America get it right? Were the Emmy-winning routines as good the second time around? (I wouldn’t know, I didn’t see them the first time.) Was Katie Holmes as underwhelming for you guys as she was for me?

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