pauline_peter.jpgAt “So You Think You Can Dance” last night for the first straight-up elimination show, I was able to spend some alone time with the week’s casualties, tapper Peter Sabasino and jazz dancer Pauline Mata.

The pair talked about what’s next for them and Peter weighed in on tap’s presence in the competition, as well as which finalists he plans to move in with…

I also spoke to judge Nigel Lythgoe about letting the third and final tapper go, why he was so hard on fan favorite Nathan Trasoras during the ep and whether or not he’s still thinking about welcoming season 5’s Phillip Chbeeb back on the show to choreograph.

When Nigel and I talked just weeks ago, Phillip was the only season 5 name he mentioned when asked about the next possible alum choreographers. He seemed down to have the expert popper join the likes of Travis Wall, Benji Schwimmer, Dmitry Chaplin and Anya Garnis, but I guess he’s got a reservation or two now… 

By the way, I spoke with hip hop choreographer Dave Scott — who did this week’s Apocalypto-inspired group routine — after the show and he did not hesitate to express his support for Phillip’s return. When I asked him if he thought the popper style would be too difficult for future contestants to pick up, he said “No, I think they’ll get it, I think it would be dope. It would be a different [flavor] in the mix. And that’s what it’s about, throwin’ them under the bus a bit anyway. They’re going to get out in the real world and have to deal with these different styles, so why not have them go through it on the show. Plus, it’ll be entertaining.”

Agreed, Dave Scott. Agreed!

Come on, Nigel. Bring Phillip back to teach some popping in season 7. Pleeeeease? Let him start with a non-competition group routine if you’re so nervous about it, we know he’ll find a way to make it work.

Right, people?

Show your support for Phillip in the comments…

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