sytycd season 9 'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: Black Swan MoanBlack Swan choreographer (and Natalie Portman’s hot piece of a husband) Benjamin Millepied is the guest judge this week, as the Top 10 split up to dance with the All-Stars. What normally is an exciting chance for the dancers to blend their styles with more polished performers this season threatens to be an exercise in more charismatic dancers whom we love more (Twitch! Alison! Alex!) eclipsing this season’s dull (if talented) roster. But let’s see how they did:

Tiffany draws disco with Brandon Bryant, and between the kinetic energy of the style and the glitziness of the costumes, she impresses. Witney teams up with the Shaping Sound duo of Travis (choreographer) and Nick Lazzarini (partner) on a jazz routine about sexy ghosts. It’s a good pairing, and she managed to deliver the sex appeal that appeared to be the main objective. Cole gets blown off the stage by Anya Garnis with a Dmitry-choreographed cha-cha, and despite the fact that he actually begs for a ticket to the Hot Tamale Train, Mary found too many flaws in the footwork to give it to him, making me fall in love with Mary all the more.

Lindsay draws by darling Jakob Karr as a partner for Broadway, which only makes me hate her all the more. Good luck getting me to look at anything else on stage when Jakob is doing his thing, but the judges do what they always do, which is pat Lindsay on the head and tell her she’s a wonderful little princess. Mary even hands her Cole’s ticket on the Hot Tamale Train. Will gets Bollywood with Kathryn McCormick, which is pretty much just good news all around. Will delivers the face-pullingest Bollywood ever, and kind of a sloppy one at that, not that the judges recognize it, and more importantly not like the voters will punish him for it, as Will is basically a taller, fleshier Kent Boyd at this point.

Cyrus is the beneficiary of the night’s best choreography (Travis), best partnering (Jamie Goodwin), and best music (M83), but he holds up under the glare and gets raves from the judges, even if he mostly just holds up Jamie while she explodes on stage. Chehon draws a Dave Scott hip-hop with Lauren Gottlieb, and while he never shakes the ballet-dancer-trying-hip-hop thing, the end result is enjoyably strange and compelling. George gets to partner with Allison (yay!) on a Tyce Diorio jazz (boo!), and they’re flawless, despite Nigel’s prissy bitching about George not connecting on stage (which, in light of the results, seems like ass-covering more than anything else).

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