sytycd s8 'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: It's Make Your Mind Up Time!Cat says last night’s performances were “astonishing.” I don’t know about that. I liked them, for the most part, but I wouldn’t describe myself as astonished by them. The statue one was cool, but that Broadway number was exactly what you expect to see from Jess in a Tyce DiOrio routine.

The opening group number involves weird black outfits and a lot of canes. And I think I heard the sound effects from when Pac-Man dies. Each individual moment looks pretty cool, I guess, but there’s not much actual dancing involved, in my opinion. Oh! But it turns out to have been choreographed by my beloved Sonya Tayeh, so now I love it. I’m fickle!

Megan “Mrs. Ron Swanson” Mullally is back for another night, which pleases me. I saw her in the musical version of Young Frankenstein and she was the best part. Well, after the awesome sets.

Nigel insists on telling us about National Dance Day, which will be on July 30, well after I will have become sick of the entire concept. Frankly, he lost me at “flash mobs for charity.” In more exciting news, I’m going to get to recap a new Lady Gaga video later. I can’t even imagine. To whet everyone’s appetite, there’s a picture of Lady Gaga grabbing Nigel’s butt.

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