sytycd s8 'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: Sister ActsPreviously: Monty got to recap that adorable little Broadway kid and the hot nearly naked guy and the angry krumper who’s going to bring krumping back from the mainstream (by … appearing on a FOX reality program), and now I get stuck with L.A. weirdos and another round of thinking of nice things to say about Tyce Diorio. Nobody has ever had it harder than me.

Los Angeles


Arielle Coker has auditioned for the show multiple times and hopes this will actually her year. She gets in front of the judges and delivers an impressively dramatic contemporary routine. She’s got some Sonya Tayeh moves in her — dark, sexy, athletic, and creative all at once. She’s also got this explosive quality, where she’s able to burst into motion from frozen positions. She looks like Neve Campbell with a sex drive. I love her. Mary notes that she’s gotten stronger, and Nigel and Tyce are also on board. Vegas!

Patty Anne Miller

is an adorable tomboy and drummer, who tells Nigel that her day job is as a “style consultant.” She’s rocking a bow tie and bulky coat and sideways hat that tells me that while her personal style is strong, I’m not sure who she has any business consulting to help others do the same. Who cares, though, because her dance style is dope. The drumming must really help with her rhythm, because she’s insanely attuned to the beat. She manages to marry a lot of street-dancing isolations with a super high energy level that’s frankly missing in a lot of street dancers this season. During the crit, Nigel kind of blows her spot and reveals she’s a Berkley College scholarship girl. Nigel! Girl’s trying to maintain a rep! Anyway, Patty Ann cries a bit, and Tyce bleats at her that she’s “friggin cute” (Fair and Balanced Nice Thing About Tyce: He was an instrumental part of one of my very favorite scenes in the movie Every Little Step), and she’s going to Vegas. Alexis Mason, 18, is the sister of Jeanine Mason, who won Season 5 of this very show and who remains one of my very favorite dancers ever (easily my favorite of all the winners). The two are really sweet and supportive and goofy with each other, and Jeanine’s face while she watches Alexis dance is so full of pride it’s actually bursting. As a dancer, Alexis is slightly smaller than her sister, and less of a presence. She dances with a pained expression on her face, though that may just be the tenor of the routine (Nigel dings her for an adjacent face thing: a “goldfish” effect where she keeps opening and closing her mouth). At this point, she’s not as good as Jeanine, but on her own merits, she’s quite wonderful. And Tyce earns his Fair and Balanced moment all on his own as he points out that at one point during the routine, Alexis looked out to the audience and locked eyes with her sister. (BTW, lots of alums in the audience tonight, from Jeanine and Jakob to Twitch, Brandon, Kathryn, and Legacy. All-Stars??)

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