sytycd s8 'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: We Got Hats!Last week: Mitchell was hurt, there was a lot of dancing, and then nobody went home. Nigel blamed Megan Mullally. This week, we’re cutting two couples. That’s a solid 20% of them!

The dancers come out as couples in the opening dance-introductions. I think this is a great idea, because it helps identify them as “Miranda & Robert” and “Melanie & Marko” instead of individuals. After all, we’re still in the part of the show where people vote for couples, right? Also, it makes it easier to determine that nobody’s missing. So unlike last week, we’re getting everybody dancing.

Cat is apparently delighted that no one went home last week. And I am delighted that she says “jidges” slightly ahead of the audience shouting it. And our guest judge this week? Debbie Reynolds! I guess she has a lot of time on her hands now that she sold off her incredible Hollywood costume collection. It was an amazing collection, you know. That Marilyn Monroe dress? The one from the subway vent? It went for 4.6 million dollars. I could go on for pages about the amazing stuff that she had. You should look at the auction catalog. And now she’s here. Hi, Debbie! I bet Nigel’s going to bring up Singing in the Rain pretty soon. She announces that it’s fantastic to be alive, and Car wants her to hold on for two hours. Oh, I was wrong; it’s Cat who throws to a clip of Singin’ in the Rain with Debbie dancing with Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly. It’s the raincoat dance. The audience, who I suspect has no idea who Debbie Reynolds is, applauds politely.

This week, the interview gimmick is for each dancer to tell us what their partners have been hiding from America. Ricky tells us that Ryan’s leg hairs grow quickly. She is theatrically embarrassed. She tells us that Ricky’s real name is “Roderick.” We see his driver license to prove it. His middle name is “Jaime.” They’ve got Mandy Moore for a jazz routine. The dance will allegedly be all about sex and desire, so Ryan gives us the usual line about how awkward she finds this. Sister, you’re a dancer. You better get used to being physical.

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