sytycd s8 'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: Whacking DayLast week: Jess went home, and I learned that he had a lot more fans in the forums than I thought. Guys, don’t worry about Jess. He’ll be just fine. And we’ve got a show to watch here! But before we begin, I want to mention that Tivo’s summary of tonight’s episode lists four dancers: Tadd, Marko, Ricky, and Caitlynn. I don’t know how they decided which two dancers wouldn’t get listed, but I think they should reconsider their system, because Sasha and Melanie should be listed first.

Cat says that next week is the finale. Really? Already? But we still haven’t had a vote where the eliminated contestant is solely decided by voting! I’m not into conspiracy theories (well, not in the context of televised competitions, anyway), but I think the judges have had way too much influence over this season.

The top six are the same top six as I said earlier. Everyone gets two dances and a solo tonight. Lots of dancing! Our guest judges tonight are Christina Applegate (whose big dance credit is Sweet Charity) and Lil’ C, whose apostrophe feels misplaced to me. Also Mary and Nigel. Cat has Christina give her dance resume, and she says she had lots of dance classes and has been watching this season. Oddly, I care more about whether she’s been watching the show than whether she’s a trained dancer. I guess that’s partly because my primary qualification for commenting on the show is that I’m paying a lot of attention, not that I have some extensive dance training. Also, I should probably mention that Ms. Applegate’s television show Samantha Who? had former TWoP recapper pamie as a writer. So she’s okay by me. On the off-chance that she’s reading this: Hi, Christina!

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