sytycd s8 'So You Think You Can Dance' recap: Who Throws a Shoe?Last week, the judges made the best of a bad situation (that situation being: 10 really excellent dancers and precious few reasons to eliminate any of them) and got rid of Mitchell and Clarice. This week, **** promises to get even realer than before. You would assume that Caitlynn, Jordan, Ricky, and Tadd are in the most danger here, but now’s not the time for a favorite to get sloppy.

Twelve dances tonight (each contestant gets paired with an all-star, plus — I’m assuming — four routines where they’re paired with each other). Cat introduces the judging panel with a perfectly appropriate air of “Are you kidding me with this?” Rob Marshall, who directed the perfectly wonderful Chicago and the snoozily terrible Nine. And Lady Gaga, dressed up like a homosexual African warlord. (And yes, Madonna fans, here’s where you can start accusing Gaga of stealing the old lady’s look on American Life. Now run along and check the mailbox for your social security while it still lasts.) It should also be noted that Rob Marshall is more orange than Mary Murphy, which was heretofore thought to be not possible.

Sasha and Pasha: Quickstep (Jonathan Roberts)
Sasha and Pasha! As they say, it’s easy to remember. “Weird” is the word from Jonathan Roberts, which I guess is why Sasha’s outfit has her looking to pass as a Caribbean princess/flapper. As a quickstep, it’s pretty impressive. A lot of times, the best a dancer can do with the quickstep is to just hold on for the ride, especially with a partner as experienced as Pasha. But Sasha more than holds her own, despite what looked like an awkward catch near the end. Rob notes that this genre limits her abandon, but she was beautiful. Mary — who is pretty much the only voice I seek out on a dance like the quickstep — says Sasha pulled it off, though she notes Sasha needs her knees a bit softer. Nigel calls Sasha his favorite dancer (at least this week), and he and Gaga disagree on whether she was perhaps too stiff up top (he says she was). Gaga is also talking like she has a cold, which is odd.

Caitlynn and Ivan: Hip-Hop (Marty Kudelka)
Ivan! Still looks about thirteen years old. The idea of the dance is that Ivan sweeps her off her feet, basically. She really keeps up with him, and they mesh well, chemistry-wise. Nothing mindblowing in the choreo — we’ve seen this routine before in other forms — but it’s pleasant. Mary can’t help but gush over Ivan, then says Caitlynn wasn’t brilliant but really good. Nigel wanted her to get more down into it (“open your legs a little bit” are his exact words, which Gaga is not above calling him on). Gaga says she’s very sexy, though not as smooth as Ivan. Rob wants her to lose herself more.

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